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Litecoin Foundation Announces: Litecoin Tablet Coming!

An announcement by the Litecoin Foundation announced that a new tablet will be released to keep users private.

Based on the total market value of the world’s fifth largest crypto which currency position Litecon ‘s (LTC) behind the foundation Litecon Foundation, the Litecon tablets with an announcement that we made over Twitter on April 3, now shared with followers.

Litecoin Foundation
Check out our collaboration w/ @CoboVault for our Litecoin-branded Cobo Tablet! Get yours for only $49.00 … … 🔐💪⚡️

☑️ Secure your crypto on your own terms
☑️ Don’t rely on paper storage for your seed/recovery phrases
☑️ Support the Litecoin Foundation!

00:27 – 4 May 2019
Secure Key Storage Option from Litecoin
It was announced that the tablet was developed jointly with CoboVault and that the device could be used to store basic 12, 18 and 24 character password and account recovery statements. The tablet is made of 6061 series aluminum and it is emphasized that it is resistant to acid, rain and shocks. Normally water-resistant devices, salt water, contact with salt water, even though there are problems, the resistance of saltecoin tablets are among the specified properties.

The current selling price of the tablet produced by Cobo in collaboration with Litecoin was set at $ 49. In addition, Litecoin is one of the crypto currencies, which has been the highest since the beginning of 2019. When we look at the total market value of the LTC, it is certainly noteworthy that it has increased by over 160% since the beginning of the year.

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