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McAfee told Bloomberg: I spoke with Satoshi Nakamoto

The famous programmer, John McAfee, told Bloomberg that he was talking to Satoshi Nakamoto and would reveal his identity within a week.

John McAfee, one of the pioneers of antivirus technologies, told Bloomberg that he was talking to creator Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin and was planning to expose his identity.

However, he did not specify when to do this. McAfee, who said he will announce Bloomberg within a week, said that he had given up ceasing to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto as he could then risk his return to the United States from his personal Twitter account.

The true identity of the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto has been discussed for several years with various theories. While some circles claim Nakamoto died, McAfee says he lives and resides in the United States.

I talked to him and he’s not happy with my attempt to expose his identity, a says McAfee, who interviewed Bloomberg in the Bahamas.

McAfee’s peculiar and unstable behavior over the years has overshadowed his esteemed history as a software pioneer, and it’s hard to know whether the real Nakamoto tracked him down. Before McAfee, many people wanted to reveal the developer of Bitcoin, but failed.

However, McAfee said that he spent a lifetime chasing hackers in the interview and that he was the right person for this task.

People forget I’m a tech expert, Mc says McAfee. I’m one of the best.

Nakamoto is believed to be one of the largest Bitcoin owners and is said to have one million BTC in a wallet associated with him. At present prices, these Bitcoins are worth $ 5.6 billion. The creator of Bitcoin was known as ara one of the 50 richest people in the world in December, when the biggest crypto money rose to $ 20,000.

Nakamoto’s Bitcoins, because he hasn’t acted in 10 years, most people assume he’s dead. McAfee said Nakamoto had written Bitcoin’s technical document, and that he had collaborated with a group of people to develop the crypto-money that would be released the following year.

Lastly, McAfee said, I have been watching people who have been the best in the world and hiding their identities. It was child’s play for me to find Satoshi.

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