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McAfee’s New Crypto Trading Platform: Magic

McAfee continues to take steps for the crypto money ecosystem…

John McAfee , a cyber security expert and one of the biggest fans of crypto currencies, launched the crypto currency trading platform.

Magic Trading Platform
According to Coindesk, the “Magic crypto currency trading platform allows users to otomatik automatically and manually crypto currency transactions on multiple crypto currency exchanges on a single dashboard ..

Most platforms leave the platform because the platform provides access to eight exchanges and allows bot transactions with over 500 crypto currencies. In addition, Magic offers beginner traders the ability to copy trades from professionals and perform shadow transactions.

The website contains the following statements about the platform:

‘Magic’ means that new investors do not have to finance their investment accounts. New investors have control over their access to their funds in the stock markets (your key, your krypto). That’s McAfee Magic.

It is stated that the trading platform has DDoS protection for security . In addition, the optional site Magic site trading platform is stored on top-of-the-line Amazon Web Service servers.

Web We offer this platform after several months of extensive testing and auditing processes, da the website said .

On the other hand, according to a recent statement made by McAfee’s Twitter, Magic was exposed to attacks even before it was released. McAfee said that as the attacks continued, Amazon servers learned to deal with it.

In addition, John McAfee announced on 6 June that Bitcoin debit cards bearing his name were ready and a week later he would distribute 20 McAfee Bitcoin Debit Cards to press members.