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Milestone: Number of Bitcoin ATMs Around the World to Reach 4 Thousand

The number of Bitcoin ATMs established in different parts of the world in the past 5 years is about to reach four thousand.
Bitcoin ATMs with crypto coins are also becoming increasingly popular. According to CoinATMradar data, the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world is about 4 thousand. There is an astronomical rise in the number of crypto money ATMs.

According to, which offers the most up-to-date data on Bitcoin ATMs all over the world, the 3.991 crypto-money ATM currently serves humanity. The first Bitcoin ATM was created in 2013, and the number of crypto money ATMs has increased tremendously over the last five years.

North American countries have a great advantage over other countries in terms of crypto money ATMs. In fact, 71.39% of Bitcoin ATMs are located in North America. North America is followed by Europe with 23.59%. With the United States of America 2,219 ATMs, it is the country with the most crypto currency ATMs in the world. Second place is Canada with 600 Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs are installed in countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Southern Cyprus and Thailand.

The number of companies producing crypto money ATMs has also increased over the years. US-based crypto-currency ATM manufacturer Genesis Coin holds 32.07% of the market. The European based General Bytes has a market share of 29.27%. Orderbob is at the bottom of the list with a 2.13% market share. The increase in the number of ATMs producing companies shows that the competitiveness of the sector and the adoption of crypto coins are increasing.

While the number of ATMs in developed countries such as the USA and Canada is so high, some backward countries are also banning crypto coins. For example, India, which is at the forefront among countries banning crypto coins, believes that crypto-money ATMs are set up to defraud people. Unixin’s founders Harish BV and Sathvik Viswanath, one of India’s largest crypto money exchanges, were detained for unauthorized use of Bitcoin ATMs.


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