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Millionaire McAfee found responsible for the death of his old neighbor

Millionaire McAfee found responsible for the death of his old neighbor

According to the Florida District Court’s decision, the famous millionaire, John McAfee, was found responsible for the death of his former neighbor in 2012.

Crypto money-savvy, almost everywhere we face the millionaire founder John McAfee Antivirus McAfee , who died in 2012, with a bullet in the head he was found liable for the death of former neighbor Gregory Faull.

The final decision was reached at the Florida Regional Court of the United States. As a result, the five-year legal war between McAfee and Faull’s family was over.

District Judge Gregory Presnell ruled:

”The court will rule against the accused in connection with the death of Gregory Faull and the verdict in favor of the plaintiff.“

The judge had previously closed the case until it was reopened because of the US Court of Appeal’s judgment.

During Faull’s death it was noted that his butcher found him in the living room, with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. Faull was 52 when he died. Although the police wanted to question McAfee as a potential witness because he was a neighbor, he was told to travel abroad. McAfee’s absence stopped the investigation, but Faull’s relatives sued him.

McAfee reported that while living in Belize, he owned a rifle with unregistered firearms and raided the police house on the grounds that he was conducting illegal drug activities, and he was also interested in bath salts, a type of drug.

Also, according to reports, it seems that McAfee and Faull cannot agree. Faull appears to have complained many times about McAfee, his dogs’ deprivation, his mischievous behavior, and his constant habit of firing guns.

This strange millionaire won most of his wealth by selling his own software company in 1994. In 2020, he expressed his intention to become a candidate for the US Presidency and considered it a move to adopt crypto money. Of course, this wasn’t McAfee’s first nomination. In 2016, he wanted to become a Libertarian Party candidate but could not.

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