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Millionaire on Facebook: We’re close to the nuclear winter in crypto money

Jim Breyer, known for making significant amounts of money with his investment in 2005, believing the future of Facebook said, “We are close to the nuclear winter in crypto money.”

Jim Breyer, the billionaire investor and venture capitalist, believes that the promise of Blockchaintechnology is too great for the permanent burial of technology with short-term market movements.

Breyer said technology is too great to be relieved because of a temporary bear market. He also warned. We are now near a crypto-mercenary nuclear winter. 

Breyer, the continuation of the words of the current market situation is not a rarity at all, such periods exist in the cycles and the end of the current cycle, he said.

Breyer, then warned that near future will be difficult for investors attending the conference, leading companies such as Walmart and Blockstone executives and members gave many recommendations.

‘The world’s best computer scientists are interested in Blockchain’

In addition, the billionaire investor said that interest in Blockchain, the system that powers all of the crypto coins, is very high, which means that the future will be brighter for the technology that will potentially change the world.

Breyer said:

Doktora Many of the best computer scientists, deep learning doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who are highly interested in what Blockchain means, are working on Blockchain. You don’t want to bet against the best and brightest brains in the world. 

The first investor investing in Facebook

Breyer, one of the experienced names in the falling markets. The investor, who strongly believed in the future of Facebook in 2005, was finally right and the shares of the company rose considerably. Interestingly, Breyer was the first corporate investor to believe and invest in Facebook.

The net wealth is about $ 3 billion

Estimated to be approximately $ 3 billion of net wealth companies that Breyer’s crypto currency Circle as well as the Ethereum ‘s and vechain in investments.

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