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New arrest in the $ 72 million crypto-money fraud

Another person was arrested last week in connection with a $ 72 million crypto-money fraud. The number of detained defendants was thus 4.

According to The Indian Express’s January 7 report, the Indian police arrested another person on the grounds that they were associated with a group accused of crypto-money fraud. This fraud is said to be about 5 billion rupees ($ 71.6 million) in size.

This was the 4th arrest in the investigation, which began one year ago when Thane police discovered a scam in Mumbai. A suspect named Rohit Kumar was arrested by a Delhi citizen with a complaint of a resident of Kanpur.

According to the police, there is Amit Lakhanpal, who is the CEO of a real estate company behind this crypto-money fraud. In addition, police sources said that the Crypto Money Money Coin (MTC), which is involved in fraud, was never listed on a crypto money exchange.

According to the statement of an anonymous police source, the defendant opened an office in the Vikram Nagar district of Delhi and raised money from investors with the promise of high returns.

According to the police, the group accused of crypto-money fraud, artificially raising the price of the token has tried to keep the investment. When the price fell, the investor could not sell token. According to the first police report dated December 31, the defendant; He is accused of fraud, arraignment and illegal activity.

Again according to police statements, Lakhanpal organized events in Dubai where the royal family participated. He was also presenting an article in the international magazine claiming that he was a partner of one of the royal family to his potential clients.

India’s Jammu and Kashmir state police have recently warned the public not to invest in crypto coins.

In December, a government commission in India stated that crypto coins should be legalized.