Nicholas Truglia,stole $ 1 million of crypto money from the Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Nicholas Truglia, 21, copied the sim card of Robert Ross, a crypto-money investor he followed, and stole $ 1 million of crypto money.

Nicholas Truglia, who stole $ 1 million of crypto money from the Silicon Valley entrepreneur through the sim card copying method, appeared before the court.

In a trial at the California State Court, Truglia faces 21 different charges, including theft, fraud, embezzlement and large-scale robbery. The large-scale robbery charge of Truglia is due to the robbery of Robert Ross stealing his crypto money by copying his sim card. Realizing that the phone wasn’t on the network, Robert Ross had his breath in an Apple Store, but it was too late. Because Ross’ crypto coins were already stolen. Truglia, Ross’s Coinbase and Gemini stock exchanges of the 500 thousand dollars of crypto money was accounted.

Truglia, who introduced himself as Robert Ross, called AT & T to copy the victim’s SIM card, thus managed to bypass the 2-step verification protocols of the stock exchanges. Police forces recovered $ 300,000 worth of crypto during a raid on Truglia’s house in Manhattan. Deputy chief prosecutor Erin West of the Santa Clara region told CNBC:

This is a new method of robbery. Fraudsters are targeting crypto money investors.

Crypto money robberies have increased a lot in recent years. However, crypto coins have a small advantage in this regard. Although it has not yet been determined where the crypto coins are sent, West said:

We can see where the crypto coins are sent. It’s a beauty of Blockchain.

In addition to Robert Ross, Truglia seized the sim card of the 0Chain CEO, Saswata Basu. But he was unable to steal Truglia Basu’s crypto money. In another incident in California, a $ 24 million robbery robbery caused by replicating sim cards, Michael Terpin filed a lawsuit of $ 224 million due to negligence on the sim card operator AT & T.

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