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O’Leary, famous name for Shark Tank, suggested that Bitcoin (BTC) is a useless currency

Leader crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC) achieved unprecedented growth in 2019 compared to the shares of the world’s largest technology companies and indexes such as the S & P 500, but the industry’s renowned critics of crypto coins still don’t end.

Kevin O’Leary, who was also known as Shark Tank’s television show, followed the lead by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, claiming that Bitcoin was nothing more than a ear trash can ett for investors. In his recent interview, O’Leary explained what Bitcoin did with him:

”This is a useless currency. For me, it’s a garbage because you can’t get in or out of high amounts.

No Bitcoin Warranty
Emphasizing that the biggest problem of Bitcoin is that the buyer wants to see a kind of guarantee in and that this guarantee is not in Bitcoin, O’Leary stated that he wanted to use Bitcoin when he wanted to get a real estate in Switzerland but unfortunately this transaction was not approved and this left a sad experience in himself. brought.

Let’s say you wanted to buy a real estate in Switzerland for $ 10 million. They want you to guarantee that this value will come back in US dollars. You have to reduce the risk of Bitcoin in some way. That means it’s not a real currency. This shows that the buyer does not want to risk the volatility of BTC. (Bitcoin) It’s worthless.

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