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OneCoin Founders Arrested!

OneCoin founders were arrested about constant warnings issued and indicated to be avoided.

On March 8, a New York South District Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint in the United States of America against an international crypto-currency lık chain of favors 8 in the United States . The prosecution’s criminal complaint includes a digital currency unit called dijital OneCoin and its founders.

Founders Arrested
OneCoin founders Konstantin Ignatov and his sister Ruja Ignotova were reportedly arrested on 6 March 2019 in Los Angeles. Ignatov brothers, “electronic fraud, securities fraud and money laundering,” said they were arrested for crimes. Allegedly, the brothers are accused of c persuading investors to invest billions of dollars in counterfeit crypto currency.

Founded in 2014, OneCoin was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria.
On the other hand, during a meeting with investors in Las Vegas, one of the OneCoin investors asked Ignatov if they would get their money’s worth . The investor said, “If you are here to get your money, leave this room now. Because it shows that you don’t understand what the project means ğ.

Fake Company
Commenting on the charges, lawyer Geoffrey S. Berman said:

Allegedly, the defendants have created a billions of dollars of crypto currency corporations that are entirely lies and deceptive. They pledged great returns and very low risk for investments. But as it was claimed, this was a complete pyramid scheme. While the defendants were multiplying their wealth, the investors became victims. Our office has always taken the financial frauds to the target by taking success. This is no different.

According to the surveys, between the last quarter of 2014 and the third quarter of 2016, 3.363 billion Euros of sales revenue of OneCoin , ie, 3.769 billion dollars have been earned. This amounted to € 2.232 billion (approximately $ 2.509 billion) as ( profit Bun .

Meanwhile, New York District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance said. These defendants have jeopardized the integrity of New York’s financial system and have swindled billions of dollars by investors. In a new order, they tried to implement the old scheme of ”pyramid schemes.

The old charges
In August 2017, the Finnish police launched an investigation into OneCoin and announced it was expanding the investigation in October . In Luxembourg , Germany and Belgium , they warned their citizens and investors against OneCoin. In fact, Germany had decided to shut down a company based on OneCoin.

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