Paying attention before the sudden drop in Bitcoin

Paying attention before the sudden drop in Bitcoin

Paying attention before the sudden drop in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, today, a sudden move under $ 4,000 under the CoinFi CEO, a large amount of crypto money transfers before the fall, he noted.

Bitcoin grabbed over $ 4,000 for about four to five days and retreated to $ 3,750 for today’s sales. The number one crypto is the buyer at $ 3,780 a day.

In addition to Bitcoin , the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, an indicator that follows the largest crypto currencies such as Ether, Litecoin, XRP, dropped by 7.7 percent.

On the other hand, Timothy Tam, the founder and CEO of CoinFi, a crypto-money research company based in Hong Kong, attracted attention. He said about 40,000 Ether had been sent to a stock exchange in one operation, approximately an hour before the fall.

Tam said, “In general, Ethereum has an intention to sell the stock market transfer and if there is a stock market with this domino effect leaps to other stock exchanges, because arbitragegers immediately starts to sell in other stock exchanges.” He said.

Meanwhile, the loss of Ethereum doubled Bitcoin on a percentage basis.

Crypto money this week, the second largest sector of crypto currency Etherea my family made from 51% to Etherea Classic rocked by the attack. Coinbase, one of the largest crypto money exchanges, announced that the damage caused by the attack on the Ethereum Classic network was $ 1.1 million. One of the stock exchanges that suffered from this attack, also reported that they lost $ 220,000 worth of Ethereum Classic from their customer funds and that they would cover the losses of their customers.

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

‘At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin’
Yoni Assia, the CEO of the social trading platform eToro, made predictions for the future in a Bitcoin event in Israel.

One of the hottest topics within the crypto money community is whether it will be effective on a Bitcoin ETF’s potential approval and crypto money markets.

In 2018, there was nothing positive about ETF. A number of Bitcoin ETF applications, including those of the famous Facebook twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were rejected last year.

Currently, there is the application of SolidX with VanEck, who is eagerly awaiting the approval of everyone at the SEC’s desk. The Commission postponed the decision on the application several times and the deadline for it to take a decision in February 2019 February.

According to Yoni Assia, CEO of the social trading platform eToro, a crypto-money ETF will not be lit in the near future . Speaking at Israel’s Bitcoin Summit, Assia shared his views on the current state of the crypto money market and the possibility of an ETF being approved.

Assia, “in January 2018” crypto is a balloon, and people will lose their money, “said those who are smart people in the room, because they are right. They do not encourage any ETF approval, so I think the ETF approval will take some time.

‘At least one country will go bankrupt in 5 years’
Assia also said that at least one country will go bankrupt and that it will lead people to flock to Bitcoin. eToro’s CEO said:In the next five years, we cannot see at least one country where people flock to Bitcoin. All banks in this country will go bankrupt and the government will have no chance of reviving the banking system, because there will be no need for local money or the local bank anymore.

TRON is the 8th largest crypto money – 5 reasons for Ascension

TRON is the 8th largest crypto money – 5 reasons for Ascension

TRON (TRX), the founder of Justin Sun, has become one of the top 8 crypto money, surpassing $ 2 billion in its ongoing rise.

Crypto money markets have been following the nistepen for a few weeks. Only a few crypto-currencies have achieved enough gains to increase the CoinMarketCap ranking according to market capitalization, and the TRON, which has passed the $ 2 billion barrier, is one of them.

TRON (TRX) is currently the best-performing crypto currency among the top 100 crypto currencies. TRON, which gained about 25 percent during the day before experiencing some retreat, became one of the top 8 crypto currencies.

TRON exceeding $ 0.034 with an increase of approximately 25 percent. On the other hand, since May 2018, crypto money has been at the highest level on the BTC basis with 764 sats.

Justin Sun, who uses social media in marketing the TRON which he is the founder, again did not miss the opportunity and pointed to the rise of TRON with his tweet “Who is next?”

What’s behind the ascension?
The factors behind the rise of TRON can be listed as follows:

-Project Atlas’s progress
-BitTorrent’s BTT token launch
-OKEx opens margin operations for TRX
-TRON starts playing at the peak in the use of decentralized applications -Establishment of the former
SEC audit attorney in TRON as compliance director

One of the richest names in the world supports Bitcoin

One of the richest names in the world supports Bitcoin

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, one of the richest names in the world, gives full support to Bitcoin with its investments.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, one of the richest people in the world, is a leading supporter of Bitcoin.

Ka-shing, who is 90 years old and known as Superman, has invested in Bitcoin and crypto-money platform Bakkt through its venture capital firm Horizon Ventures.

Bakkt announced last week that he completed the first round of financing and raised $ 182.5 million. Horizon Ventures was one of the investor companies that met some of this amount.

Bitcoin and other crypto coins made a positive start compared to 2019, after Bitcoin’s hard crypto money winter, which fell below $ 3,200 . Many market participants are eagerly looking forward to Bakkt, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, which will offer physical Bitcoin futures supported by Intercontinental Exchange.

Bakkt, together with Starbucks and Microsoft, aims to process physical Bitcoin futures from the first quarter of this year and to facilitate the use of crypto coins in daily life as well as to create an ecosystem that will simplify buying and selling.

Full support for Bitcoin
On the other hand, this is not the first support of Ka-shing to Bitcoin and Crypto coins. According to Forbes, Ka-shing, with a net worth of $ 35 billion, has also invested in Bitpay in 2013 through BitTorrent, the Bitcoin payment processor through Horizon Ventures, and in 2016 the Blockchain technology provider Blockstream. Billionaire name, the 23rd person in the world’s richest.

Ka-shing was one of many investors who gave Bitpay $ 30 million last year, along with Virgin’s founder and British billionaire Sir Richard Branson

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach’s Bitcoin estimate is what gives investors hope.

The CEO of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, a famous businessman nicknamed dol the king of the bonds, CEO predicted that Bitcoin could rise by 25% to $ 5,000.
According to the news of Cryptoglobe Gundlach 200 billion worth of assets managing the presence of the webcast spoke about various assets. Gundlach said he expects a higher volatility rate for the markets, adding that he expects a higher yield. Gundlach, who previously described Bitcoin as oc the poster child for social mode and market mode [typical example]

I wouldn’t recommend anything about Bitcoin, seriously. I’ll tell you, if I’m going to make a prediction, you can go up to $ 5,000. I’m talking about a 25% easy bite.

Jeffrey Gundlach, who is a part of traditional finance, stressed that investors should now arak use the power of discarded bonds ücü and move out of these bonds to companies with a tah strong balance sheet.

At the time of our Bitcoin news release, it is trading at $ 4,037, a very small rise of 0.05%. Rising to $ 4,100 on just one hour from $ 3,900 on January 6, Bitcoin was able to stay at those levels. According to CoinMarketCap, the market value of Bitcoin is about $ 70.5 billion.

Gundlach’s forecast may be realized, but it is quite interesting that the analyst does not specify any timeframe of his own estimate. The $ 5,000 estimate, on the other hand, remains extremely tahmin conservative “along with the Bitcoin estimate of the Winklevoss twins. Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler said in an interview recently that BTC believes that ”gold is better than gold and that the market value can exceed $ 7 trillion .

Shocker Claim for the Dash Network, Is the Altcoin Safe?

Shocker Claim for the Dash Network, Is the Altcoin Safe?

Shocker Claim for the Dash Network, Is the Altcoin Safe? A substantial majority of the hash power in the dash network appears to be a miner.

A ship that is shared on Reddit from the social platforms that crypto money users frequently use is of a kind. The crypto-lovers are overwhelmingly convinced that only one miner has more than half of the hash power in the Dash network.
According to the Reddit post, a crypto-money miner named NicheHash appears to be dominating the Dash network. The CCN report said that Dash currently has 1,900 terrahash (TH) capacities per second. NiceHash’in this amount more than 1,000 TH is expressed that dominated. A total of 25,000 miners have been active in the Dash network.

A Reddit user, who is said to have an interest in the subject, has determined this intriguing truth in his assessments about the Dash network. The user expresses:

This process has to do with three of the four primary addresses on the network, and according to the entries, only one organization controls these three addresses. This triple corresponds to 53% or more of the entire network. You can also understand this by looking at historical data. Even the fourth address I think is unknown belongs to the same organization.

The three addresses the user referred to have already dug up 26,665 Dash. This amount corresponds to a value of 573 btc or about $ 2.2 million. We have to say that when there is such a serious claim, the material dimension of work remains in the second plan of crypto lovers.

The news item shows that the miner in question could do a 51% attack on the Dash network. The last example of this attack constitutes a security weakness in the decentralized network Blockcha In this paper, we announced to you. Centralized mining activities are putting the entire network in danger.

MinexPay Offers Unique Advantages to Users

MinexPay Offers Unique Advantages to Users

MinexSystems is known as a company that provides services to its customers using Blockchain technology. The company’s most prominent service, MinexPay , allows its users to pay easily and quickly with crypto money in almost every part of the world. The first crypto cards ordered through the MinexPay service are already on the way, and users will soon benefit from the card’s privileges.
Crypto coins continued to evolve as soon as they were launched. The market, led by the Bitcoin, a leading crypto-money that was dug out of Genesis Block ten years ago, left a long, complicated path. However, we can see that this new class of assets is not fully utilized in daily life payments as targeted. This has to do with the rate of adoption of crypto coins.

Even in Europe, where cryptocurrent adoption is unacceptable compared to other parts of the world, only a small number of enterprises accept cryptos. Entrepreneurs have found a way to increase the rate of crypto money debit card. Thanks to Minexpay services, crypto money can be paid in almost every business where credit card is valid. However, unlike many cards in the market, a card with such functions must have useful and robust features. Crypto cards offered with the MinexPay service bring many unique advantages.

MinexPay Privileges
Crypto debit cards, ordered through the MinexPay service, are ready to offer users quality service experiences. Crypto has many unique features and advantages to the similarity of MinexPay, which also aims to accelerate the use of money.

One of the most ambitious features of the cards is ial fast payments “in almost every part of the world. Payments with the card are made just as quickly, maybe even faster, than the payments you make with standard cards. The company expresses the maximum period of 3 seconds for each payment made by this card to be approved by them. Moreover, it is possible to use these cards wherever credit cards are valid.

Another feature of this unique crypto debit card is that it provides savings to its customers. Choose from the card options offered by the company and take advantage of the benefits immediately. You can get a refund up to 1% of your payments with MinexPay. Moreover, using the card is not charged for cash withdrawals. So you can cash into the crypto coins with 0% commission.

The economic habits that continue to change day by day continue to move towards a cashless society. Aware of this fact, the MinexSystems team has created a crypto debit card that everyone can easily use, combining traditional finance with innovative crypto coins. With the MinexPay service, it is possible to make payments easily anywhere, just like using a standard card. Customers using the crypto debit card can pay with any currency they want. The card supports many currencies so you can pay with crypto coins or commensurate money. Crypto cards, protected by high-tech systems, are the only option on the global level that the company has said.

MinexCoin (MNX)
It can be defined as an internal part of the MinexSystems network. Company officials believe that the value of Minexcoin will increase dramatically over time. Certain transactions with MinexPays are performed with MNX. Therefore, as demand for the company’s cards increases, it is foreseen that the Minex Coins will move in the same direction. Moreover, in some cases, customers are allowed to benefit from various advantages in exchange for having MNX in their accounts.

In order to have the advantages of the crypto cards purchased through MinexPay, users need to have a certain amount of MNX. Users with 1,000 MNXs were able to cash their crypto money with a 0% commission, while this rate was expressed as 2% for 200 MNX. In addition, users can take their MNX at any time.

MinexPay Schedules
Company MinexPay currently offers four different service options to its customers. The first of these options with varying terms and advantages is the debit card called MinexPay Standard. Other options are as follows; Gold, Platinum and Infinite. Advantages vary according to the user’s preferred option. These tariffs, which allow you to convert your crypto assets to cash at a rate of 0%, give you a refund of up to 1%.

It can be said that the most advantageous of these cards is only a limited number of Infinite cards. This card, which offers better advantages than other cards, receives a very low commission. The best cash repayment rate of 1% is only available to customers of this card.

MinexBank Advantages
MinexBank offers its users a variety of advantages independent of these cards. The Company pays up to 45% per annum for MNX in their accounts at MinexBank. For more information about other card options and MinexBank, visit MinexPay’s website.

There is Sufficient Liquidity for Bitcoin ETFs

There is Sufficient Liquidity for Bitcoin ETFs

Market experts believe that sufficient liquidity is available for approval of Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin stock exchange investment funds (ETFs) have been struggling to get their place in the market for many years and get approval from the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Fund providers also argue that Bitcoin ETFs can be launched in 2019, because there is sufficient market liquidity.
ETFs are becoming an integral part of the investment market. The research firm ETFGI estimates that the market value of ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe in 2020 will reach $ 1.1 trillion. Morgan Stanley estimates that global ETF assets will reach $ 9 trillion by 2022. Therefore, as interest in these assets increases, regulators are working hard on structural vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, a study by brokers and asset manager Charles Schwab shows that the millennium generation has increasingly preferred ETFs for investment. In this case, the rules of the game may change if the SEC approves a Bitcoin ETF. However, there are a few factors to consider before allowing an ETF to be traded in one of America’s largest stock exchanges.

… The market value of Bitcoin is $ 72 billion ““
Last year Blockforce Capital launched a Blockchain ETF with BLCN and the world’s first China Blockchain ETF BCNA. According to Eric Ervin, CEO of Blockforce Capital, the current market conditions can support Bitcoin ETFs for two reasons. Ervin stated that Bitcoin’s market value reached $ 72 billion as the first of these reasons and continued as follows:

There is a number of ETFs currently focusing on market-specific assets, although this is a small amount compared to many blue-chip stocks. For example, iShares’ IWC ETF focuses on micro-stocks and has about $ 900 million in assets. Collectively, stocks have a market value of about $ 450 billion. This figure may be overshadowing Bitoin’s market value. However, when we look at the liquidity of core assets, we see significant volume restrictions.

A growing market: stock market arbitrage
As the market develops, participants are becoming more sophisticated and stock market arbitrage is increasing. Ervin said, gün Stock market arbitrage (bitcoin from the A stock market and the small profit and B stock market) to become a market day by the introduction of traditional market players has become a growing market. Because the returns provided by arbitrage are generally considered as ‘risk free’ .

With them, the Blockforce Capital team achieved an average of 75 bps per transaction when the arbitration began in early summer 2018. Ervin says the following:

This figure is reduced. Due to increased competition, the number of opportunities has also decreased. However, these market participants provide liquidity to the market. Because, in any stock exchange, if the price of the Bitcoin deviates from the average average, the participants draw the average price by arbitrage.

In addition to these market descriptions, could the crypto money market be waiting for the SEC’s decision to catch the momentum? Can the change in Bitcoin’s long-term decline if the SEC does not postpone it again on February 27th?

Scams Again on Twitter Accounts

Scams Again on Twitter Accounts

The scammers targeted the Belgian organization’s account.

The official Twitter account of a non-profit Belgian organization has been attacked, Cointelegraph reported today. The attackers accounted for Coinbase’s account.
The fraudsters targeted the official Twitter account of the Federation of Businesses in Belgium (FEB), a non-profit organization that considers the interests of Belgian businesses. After capturing FEB’s account, the scammers changed the account to appear linked to Coinbase. The account description was changed to ”Official Coinbase Promotion Account“ . In addition, the profile and cover image with Coinbase replacing fraudsters also added a link to the official site of the stock exchange.

However, fraudsters were unable to change the name of the account, VBOFEB, which is the combination of the abbreviation of the organization’s name in Dutch and French.

The promotional tweet shared by the scammers reminds me of a previously encountered method. According to the post, the followers have to make a small amount of shipments first to earn more im

The post shared with the followers was in honor of the fact that Coinbase’s user base would exceed the 30,000,000 figure and the users would be rewarded with a 3.00 BTC prize.

But there was a lot of proof that the sharing was done for fraud, the name of the identifier was different, it contained inconsistent numbers and it was full of grammatical errors. Specifically, the number of users was written as 30,000,000.

Ran Neuner, who hosted Crypto Trader at CNBC, announced in October that the number of user accounts of Coinbase, one of the largest crypto money exchanges in the world, reached 25 million and 600,000 users were active in the platform.

On the other hand, the first time on Twitter crypto money fraud is not experienced. Previously, Charlie Lee and Elon Musk, such as imitating or trying to try a few more frauds had happened.

Exciting mobility in the bench top market

Exciting mobility in the bench top market

Cumberland, a company that deals with over-the-counter (OTC) crypto money trading, has published a stunning data on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not only traded on spot markets such as Binance and Bitfinex. The largest crypto currency is also traded in OTC markets.

A survey conducted last year revealed that OTC markets could have at least double the volume of spot markets. Very affluent individuals prefer to trade from OTC markets instead of spot markets for lack of liquidity. In fact, there were various arguments about how the prices in the spot market changed direction with the leakage of any process carried out here.

These are one of the largest OTC companies, as well as the previous day of Cumberland, pointed out an important data.

According to data shared on the company’s official Twitter account, the buyers and sellers side in Cumerland’s OTC transactions have so far been relatively stable;

It was stated above that there are theses that the movements in OTC markets affect the Bitcoin prices in the spot market . The crypto money, which picked up from $ 3,700 at some point in the last week, climbed over $ 4,000 on Sunday, and has been holding above this level for a few days. Cumberland’s data confirms these theses.

On the other hand, this data may signal that institutional investors have increased risk appetite in Bitcoin or that the base-building process has been completed.