Researchers Assess FED’s Possibility of Crypto Money

Researchers Assess FED’s Possibility of Crypto Money

Researchers Assess FED’s Possibility of Crypto Money

St. Louis Federal Bank researchers Alexander Berentsen and Fabian Schar have published an article that argues that central banks are easy to form their own crypto coins, but it is unreasonable for them to do so.
The title of the article was Electronic Money for Central Banks and Central Banks remained out of Crypto Coins Mak. As a result of the research, it was emphasized that the characteristics of the crypto coins would not fit to the central banks and that the people who made the financial transaction should be known by everyone.

Identity needs to be open to prevent security forces from dealing with drug trafficking, money transfers and money laundering methods related to terrorism. If banks create a Blockchain based system that doesn’t require permission, it doesn’t make sense for them. Therefore, the researchers argued that central administrations would not prefer to develop the so-called anonymous crypto money.

According to researchers, digital currencies printed by central banks may be peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer systems. But this is more like a centralized electronic money. Therefore, the emergence of crypto coins such as oldukça Fedcoin “is quite pure.

On the other hand, virtual coins existed before Blockchain. In May 2018, Lael Brainard of the FED board of directors said the central bank would not be useful because its digital currency would be too volatile and would not be used as a means of exchange or value storage.

Although the FED is far from digital issues, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in November that all financial institutions should consider crypto money. Experienced politician and lawyer Lagarde Blockchain stated that the central banks could benefit from Blockchain and crypto coins in the era of digital economy because the technology is safe, cost-effective and potentially semi-anonymous. At the same time, Lagarde said that in many parts of the world, people who cannot reach modern banking can be contacted.

Could Kraken’s approach to the XRP be due to Jesse Powell?

Could Kraken’s approach to the XRP be due to Jesse Powell?

Kraken and XRP supporters on Twitter, there was a chat with the word.

The crypto money exchange was reacted by XRF fans because of their comments on the Kraken Ripple and XRP. Could Kraken’s approach to the XRP be due to Jesse Powell?
Kraken is one of the largest stock exchanges in the US and the stock exchange in the last 30 days of $ 3.7 billion was made. Kraken from his Twitter account stated that Ripple tried to separate the XRP in order to eliminate the dispute, but the names were mentioned as Ripple-XRP, Bitcoin-bitcoin, Ethereum-ether. At first glance, it seemed like an ordinary expression, and the provocative questions asked later escalated things. Each of the statements written by Kraken caused the Ripple supporters to fire.

As you know, for a long time, XRP tokens were called Ripple, but Ripple had overlapping statements that the XRP should be called with a different name. The reason for this was that the court considered the XRP as a ripple money, or worse, the fear that the XRP would be described by Ripple as a security. If the court makes such a decision, it will become a nightmare for Ripple, and legal problems will arise.

According to Ripple, XRP is a central-free crypto-money independent of Ripple, not managed by a single agency. Ripple’s Ryan Zagone, who is in charge of regulatory affairs, said that the XRP was not managed by the company, but it was an open-source platform.

Nevertheless, the company’s statements sparked controversy. Kraken drew attention to the fact that Ripple held a large amount of XRP, and the uncertainty in the creation of crypto money was touched upon. Some even avoided using Ripple and XRP in the same sentence.

Ripple management and Powell case

The founder of Kraken, Jesse Powell, was formerly on the board of Ripple. In 2014, Powell clashed with Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb about their XRPs. Powell stated that it was unsuitable and unsuitable for the founders to take 20% of the XRPs printed on them. After a while, what Powell had predicted, Jed McCaleb walked away with billions of XRPs and founded Stellar. The Ripple administration made a statement stating that Powell was hurting the company and sued Powell.

Powell’s stance against the XRP is reflected in the Kraken, even though four years have passed. Powell or Kraken may face a new case if history repeats itself

A First From Huobi to EOS

A First From Huobi to EOS

Huobi will open an EOS-based stock market.

Huobi Group’s crypto-money mining arm, Huobi Pool, announced that it will launch its first EOS-based crypto money exchange in the first quarter of 2019.
Founded in 2013, Huobi Group is supported by the US investment firm Squoira Capital and manages the 3rd largest crypto money exchange according to the world trading volume. Huobi Pool makes BTC and BCH mining, miners’ incomes can be bought and sold on Huobi stock exchange or Huobi OTC. On October 25, 2018, Huobi Pool was among the top 10 mining pools according to the hashrate distribution. Huobi Pool Token also has a crypto money.

Huobi Pool has worked closely with the EOS community for a while. Tests were performed on the test network where EOS projects can be tested. Huobi’s new crypto money exchange will be EOS based and will be paired between EOS and other crypto coins. Huobi Pool CEO EOS and Huobi can do good work so that the best step is to open a new stock market, said they decided.

Prior to the EOS announcement, Huobi announced the launch of its futures trading platform. Futures in the stock market called Huobi DM were extended to EOS. Huobi CEO Huobi said the futures will play an important role in managing risks associated with EOS and other crypto money. When we prepare our news, EOS is ranked 5th according to market value and traded at $ 2.59.

Russian grandmas does not abandon Bitcoin mining

Russian grandmas does not abandon Bitcoin mining

Russian grandmas does not abandon Bitcoin mining
With the effect of prices, some miners shut down their devices, but grandmothers in Russia’s Siberia do not abandon Bitcoin mining.

Yesterday, BBC News published a video article titled Bitcoin Babushki: Crypto Money Mining in Siberia:. The video was about grandmothers in Bitcoin mining in Siberia. ” Babushka “, until the Russian grandmother or grandmother may be, even if the child comes to the meaning of the old woman. BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford, Russia’s eastern Siberia, Irkutsk met this grandmother in the city.

Babushka 1 (Valeria)

“I want to make some money myself. And I want a lot of money!

Yuri, Valeria’s son, entered the mining business because he had trouble making money from his karaoke job. Now Yuri has a mining farm. One of the mining equipment here is a gift from his mother to Yuri.

Yuri says that Irkutsk is the crypto-money center of Russia.

You don’t need to be the perfect expert for this job because it’s an easy system. You only use your computers, electricity and the Internet.

With the collapse of Bitcoin, while some people in this region have been interested in mining, Valeria is convinced that the price of Bitcoin will rise again in the future. Valeria says:

”When Bitcoin reaches $ 1 million, I will have left a great legacy for my grandchildren.“

Babushka 2 (Marina)

Marina increases the pension with Bitcoin. While showing 3 mining equipment to the BBC reporter, he says:

”There they are: boxes that make noise and bring money.“

Marina, Bitcoin mining equipment on the recommendation of a friend tells you as follows:

Sat It helped me purchase and install the system. I took his money in 8-9 months. I don’t regret it.

Marina has found a new way to utilize the heat generated by Bitcoin mining equipment. With this heat pumpkin, tea and medicinal plants dry. Marina says they all dry up very quickly in just one day.

Siberia, why is it ideal for Bitcoin mining?
The report says that conditions in Siberia are ideal for Bircoin mining.


Freezing air keeps the devices cold.
Electricity is very cheap.
Bitcoin mining in Siberia on an industrial scale
According to the Bitcoinist report of 13 April 2018, one of the largest mining farms in Russia was expected to be operational within a month in the Divnyi organized industrial zone in the remote Krasnoyarsk region of Divnovorgsk. The report also stated that the company was planning to hire the graduates of Siberia State University to help with operational activities. And the heat generated from mining activities would also be used to heat the houses in the area.

2019 Bitcoin Price Forecast

2019 Bitcoin Price Forecast

Some experts have already forecasted Bitcoin for 2019.

A few days before 2019, crypto money investors began to wonder how the Bitcoin price would be in the new year. Some experts have already made their estimates. Let’s look at them respectively.
According to former conservation fund manager Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin will storm in 2019. The adoption rate will increase and this price will increase to a much higher point.

Ronnie Moas, the crypto money analyst who became famous for his previous estimates, agrees with Novogratz. Thinking that demand for Bitcoin will increase, Moas claimed that BTC will be traded around $ 28,000 with the addition of limited resources.

The CEO of a crypto-money firm, Fran Strajnar, agrees with the above two that the rate of adoption will be very high. Strajnar estimates that by January 2020 Bitcoin will go up to $ 200,000.

The Bitpay CCO and the crypto money analyst Sonny Singh said that in 2019, Bitcoin is likely to be traded at between $ 15,000 – $ 20,000. According to Singh, the approval of the Bitcoin ETF serves as a catalyst for this price.

Fund physician analyst Sam Doctor thinks $ 36,000 is likely to be 2019. For Bitcoin, the highest level in 2019 is $ 64,000 and the lowest is $ 20,000.

Many other analysts, including John McAfee and Tom Lee, will also see the bulls wreak havoc in the Bitcoin market. Nevertheless, the reality will only be revealed in time, as many of the experts who predicted for 2018 have been “screwed up” by amyane.

Arrest the famous Bitcoin investor for allegedly killing his lover

Arrest the famous Bitcoin investor for allegedly killing his lover

An American bitcoin investor has been arrested in the Philippines for accusing his girlfriend and murdering his body in the river.

According to the news in the Daily Mail, 23-year-old Troy Woody, a well-known Bitcoin investor from California, murdered his friend, Mir Islam, Brooklyn, and his lover, Tomi Michelle Masters.

They threw the body in the trunk and threw it into the river

The report said that Islam drowned the Masters with Woody before laying his naked body in a duct tape and putting it in a box. Later, the two people calling the taxi loaded the trunk into the baggage of the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines.

Tomi Michelle Masters and Troy Woody

They blamed each other for the murder

While two friends confessed to throwing the body in the river, they blamed each other for murder.

Police officials said they had not yet been able to identify the reason for the murder and who committed the murder. The two are still questioned in the house where they were searched to collect evidence.

The moment the body was put in the trunk

Taxi driver reported

The incident arose when the taxi driver suspected the behavior of two friends and called the police. After the notice, the police looking for the river, Masters’ duct tape wrapped and scratched dead body reached. Woody and Masters stayed in an apartment in Manila after moving from California to the Philippines.

Tomi Michelle Masters

Her friends said that the Masters and Woody had fought earlier this month, and that this fight was due to the desire to return to Indiana, where Masters originally came from.

Instagram has 200,000 followers

After their arrest, two friends said they were the CEOs of the registered crypto-currency trading company in Delaware, known as Luxr LLC. In his personal Twitter account with over 17,000 followers, Woody refers to him as an hesab early crypto money investor Wood. The Bitcoin celebrity has about 195,000 followers in its Instagram account and it leads a life of luxury according to the posts here.

Crypto Money Step from Samsung

Crypto Money Step from Samsung

The world’s giant filed a patent application on the crypto money wallet.

South Korea-based electronics giant Samsung said on 27 December that the UK Office of Intellectual Property requested trademark registration to produce UK crypto-money wallets.
Application of the “classes and the terms” section of the disclosures made in Samsung’s “crypto-currency computer software for use as a wallet”; Computer software for the crypto money transfer and payment system using Blockchain technology; ”computer application software for smartphones, shows that it has improved. In other words, the application will enable users to pay Crypto currency based on Blockchain technology and payment via third party application software.

In addition, the application’s Galaxy S10 smartphone to add a crypto currency wallet has plans to add e-mail. But later this rumor was denied by Samsung. Also on December 10, Samsung filed three patent applications for Blockchain and the European Union on crypto money.

On the other hand, early December in counted among the world giants in the smart phone generation HTC is in the process of integration for decentralized applications, Bitcoin and have multiple Blockcha support including Etherea networks “first sweaty Blockcha-based phone” HTC Exodus 1 launch that He explained.

In addition, the Blockchain-based electronics provider SIRIN Labs has announced the launch of the first Blockchain-based smartphone, FINNEY. With an open source operating system, FINNEY offers a crypto-money wallet and encrypted communication.

In October, Samsung’s production flap Foundry announced that the 7-nm Low Power Plus started a new production process and reduced energy consumption by as much as fifty percent. Because chips are a critical factor in energy costs, crypto money miners using the Samsung hardware can make huge profits.

Company’s Drama That Bitcoin Will Be $ 50,000

Company’s Drama That Bitcoin Will Be $ 50,000

In 2018, BTC was expected to be $ 50,000 for BlockTower Capital.

BlockTower Capital last year, the end of 2018 by the end of the Bitcoin price of $ 50 thousand in the direction of a $ 1 million claim was made. Without a miracle by the end of the week, the hedge fund that manages its 130 million-dollar assets will suffer over $ 1 million in options.
On December 20, 2017, he made the allegation for Ari Paul, co-founder and chief information officer of BlockTower Capital. The claim, according to Business Insider, was that Paul, who spent around $ 1 million on the purchase option, would get 275 bitcoins at a price of $ 50,000 before December 28, 2018.

BlockTower could spend up to $ 13.8 million if options turned into reality. Considering that BTC will not reach that price in a few days, we can say that the company has lost.

The company had stood behind its verdict with the word a small amount that was risked to win a lot. In a CNBC interview dated December 26, 2017, Paul commented, This is something that may not be happening, Paul added. In an interview with Business Insider this month, Paul said the Bitcoin rally is not waiting and they will not make any claims about the rally.

Ari Paul’s BlockTower Capital is not the only company that has been wrong about the Bitcoin price this year. Bitcoin at Morgan Creek Digital Assets – S & P 500 failed to make claims on the coast.

Bitcoin Is Realistic?

Bitcoin Is Realistic?

More About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Realistic? According to the Payoneer CEO, the fact that Bitcoin has become the only digital currency to be valid in the world is an “unreal” thought.

The crypto money market experienced a minor correction on Friday (December 28th). Bitcoin, which is expected to retest the lowest levels of the year before this move, has approached the level of $ 4,000 again. Although there are signs of a small recovery in the market, the bear trend still continues throughout the year. This is the case with the original crypto money Bitcoin’e criticism continues to come without slowing down.
Scott Galit, the CEO of Payoneer, a New York-based payment processing firm, entered a list of names criticizing Bitcoin. Commenting on Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC on Friday (December 28th), Galit argues that the idea of a currency that is going to operate globally and has innovative features like Bitcoin is unrealistic.

In Galit’s statements, BTC targets non-decentralization. According to Galit, Bitcoin will fail to become a single and unifying global currency. Having signed these ambitious statements, Galit also acknowledges that the idea of digital money, which differs from traditional currencies and solves some of the existing problems in the global financial system, is attractive to most users. Galit, who said that such a currency would eliminate the obstacles encountered in the international operations, still calls the implementation of this idea unrealistic.

Galit states:

I think that Bitcoin will fail, although many people in the world of the internet have an interest in this issue, such as seamless transactions, trouble-free money, and escaping from nominal currencies.

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going?

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going?

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going? Although the rises in the crypto money market on 24 December excited the investors, it was unfortunately not long-term.

Even though the crypto money market had a gratifying rise on December 24th, it did not last long. The crypto money market was under the influence of the month of 2018. In the last days of the year, bears did not leave control.
Analysts predict that Bitcoin could drop below $ 3,000. A former IMF economist warned investors that Bitcoin will be able to steal the danger bells again when it falls below the $ 3.190 level. Of course we, would prefer to remain neutral and uninvolved against these claims. Perhaps Bitcoin will re-visit the $ 3,100 band or rise above the $ 4,500 level.

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Asset, who was surprisingly justified in previous Bitcoin price estimates, claimed that Bitcoin would drop below $ 3,000 this time. Currently the most important support for Bitcoin is $ 3,460. For any rise in Bitcoin to point to the trend change, the leading crypto currency must remain above the $ 4.239 level. Bitcoin tried to stick at $ 3,800 after the rise of the December 24 wave, but unfortunately did not succeed.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin did not manage to hold $ 3,800 and $ 3,700 support. It even fell below the level of $ 3,600 to $ 3,563. The bitcoin price is currently moving below the 100-hour moving average and in the decline zone. If the sales pressure in the crypto money market continues, we can see Bitcoin below the $ 3,500 band.