World’s worst passwords announced

World’s worst passwords announced

World’s worst passwords announced

Password management company SplashData, 2018 covering the world’s most ‘bad’ passwords announced. While preparing this list, it has benefited from millions of user accounts stolen this year.
We have many accounts on the internet ; this includes banking applications, of course. So do you know how strong the password you are using? Or you chose a simple password to make it easier ? The common denominator of millions of accounts stolen by hackers this year was the ‘simplicity’ of the passwords.

Here is the world’s 25 worst passwords according to SplashData’s data:

1. 123456

2. password (Unchanged)
3. 123456789 (Up 3)
4. 12345678 (Down 1)
5. 12345 (Unchanged )
6 111 111 (New)
7 1234567 (Up 1)
8. sunshine (New)
9. qwerty (Down 5)
10 iLOVEYOU (Unchanged)
11. princess (New)
(Down 1)
14. 666666 (New)
15. abc123 (Unchanged)
16. football (Down 7)
17. 123123 (Unchanged)
18. monkey (Down 5)
19. 654321 ( New
! 20.! @ # $% ^ & * (New)
21. charlie (New)
22. aa123456 (New)
23. donald (New)
24. password1 (New)
25. qwerty123 (New)

How to create a strong password?

The first requirement of creating a strong password is the length of the password. It should be long when it can; but not enough to exhaust you. 8 characters is good; however, 15 characters can be boring after a point of entry each time. In addition, you must keep all of them in a single password, including upper / lower case, symbol (such as @). Password consisting of only numbers or letters is not secure.

A Record from Tron!

A Record from Tron!

The centerless gaming application TronBet approached 1 billion TRX in 24-hour volume.
The centerless application ecosystem in Tron Blockchain officially has its golden age, and TronBet TRX has raised the bar too high in transaction volume.

DappReview quoted Twitter that TronBet reached almost 1 billion TRX trading volume in 24 hours. Thus, TronBet left behind its opponent TronDice, which is another decentralized application of 10.7 million transactions. DappReview’s tweet as follows:

A great threshold for TRONbet! TRX volume of almost 1 billion in the last 24 hours and 13 million TRX dividends in one day, you will get 10k TRX every day if you have 18k.

When we look at the list of Tron decentralized applications, we see that TronBet is ranked 2nd in terms of number of users. However, the transaction volume difference between the two applications is incredible.

The 24-hour volume of TronDice with 2,211 users is 10,791,247 TRX. TronBet with 2195 has a daily volume of 993.909.578 TRX.

Is Tron the new decentralized practice king?
Due to Tron’s scalability and number of operations per second, some games like Blockchain Cuties and Bitzens in Ethereum have recently moved to Tron. This development further increased Tron’s already high self-esteem, and Justin Sun said:

If ETH and EOS developers bring their decentralized applications to Tron, Tron will create a fund that will save them from the collapse of their platform.

Some praised this tweet and some took it. A group of mid-passengers stated that such a statement would lead to divergence in the crypto-money community.

CEO of Romania-based CoinFlux, Vlad Nistor arrested

CEO of Romania-based CoinFlux, Vlad Nistor arrested

CEO of CoinFlux, Romania-based Crypto Money Exchange, Arrested at the Request of the United States CEO of Romania-based CoinFlux, Vlad Nistor, was arrested.

Vlad Nistor, CEO of the Romanian-based crypto money exchange CoinFlux, was arrested on Tuesday at Cluj, local media organ Ziar de Cluj reported. Nistor is detained on behalf of the US government is expected to be delivered to the United States as soon as possible.
CoinFlux has not yet made a statement about the arrest, but the company announced on 3 December that they would launch a new advertising campaign on a radio program. Nistor is being held in Bucharest and Cluj after his arrest and according to the information obtained, it is expected to be returned to the US today. Nistor is charged with fraud, money laundering and computer fraud.

CoinFlux has not yet been listed in CoinMarketCap. The transaction volume is even below 10 thousand dollars. A letter from one of Romania’s local newspapers opposes the extradition of Vlad Nistor:

They want to pack Vlad Nistor into the US. Although Romanian citizen Nistor is currently under investigation, no one opposes the Romanian government’s extradition. No one even knows why he was charged. Even in court yesterday, Nistor’s lawyers didn’t know what he was accused of. And where are the human rights?

Nistor is known to be the son of one of the founders of Banca Transilvania, Romania’s second largest financial institution. In the following days, more details about the investigation are expected to come to light. In recent months, the founding partners of Unocoin, one of India’s most established crypto-money exchanges, have been arrested on the grounds that they are planning to place crypto money exchanges in various parts of the country.

Akbank Launches GBP Transfers with Ripple From Akbank to Santander UK

Akbank Launches GBP Transfers with Ripple From Akbank to Santander UK

Akbank Launches GBP Transfers with Ripple From Akbank to Santander UK, money transfers from Ripple started with Blockchain infrastructure!

Akbank, one of Turkey’s deep-rooted bank carried out last year using the technology Blockchain Ripple cooperation with international money transfer operations began. The Bank also released this service to its customers with the latest update.
According to reports released to the public today, Akbank Santander has announced that it has begun the transfer of GBP transfers to UK via Ripple using Blockchain infrastructure.

Acknowledging the issue, Tolga Ulutaş, Executive Vice President in charge of Direct Banking, highlighted their satisfaction with being the first bank to initiate the international money transfer process with Blockchain technology and underlined the following:

We started to take the first seeds of this industry-leading practice last year. Now we have started to transfer money from GBP via Ripple to Santander UK with Blockchain infrastructure. With this important technology, our customers will now be able to benefit from the possibility of transferring money to international money transfers at a much lower cost. With the participation of new banks in the system, we continue our journey to expand this service through cooperation with different banks.

About a year ago, Ulutaş said that Blockchain technology has made the assets accessible to all over an open network, without requiring agents and with very high security.

Crypto Money Move from the Dutch Central Bank

Crypto Money Move from the Dutch Central Bank

The Dutch central bank will grant licenses to crypto money service providers in the country.

Crypto coins are becoming more and more accepted in the global financial system as a new asset class. We are witnessing that large financial institutions cannot remain indifferent to this promising asset class. The Dutch central bank is also involved in a new regulation on the issue.
On 11 December 2018, the Netherlands-based news source DeTelegraaf reported that the country’s central bank has introduced a new regulation for crypto money service providers. Accordingly, users and organizations that provide crypto money services to their users will need to obtain a license from the central bank.

The news of DeTelegraaf, one of the most widely read news sources in the Netherlands, attracted the attention of crypto lovers. DeTelegraaf’s report also includes some details about the subject. According to the news, security issues were shown as the reason for taking this step. Following the new regulation, the crypto money will be prevented from being used in ın money laundering or money laundering ak. According to the new regulation, only persons or organizations that are eligible to license the central bank will be able to provide crypto money services to their users.

In order to receive this new license, the parties must know who their customers are and inform the authorized persons about the unusual transactions. All these data from the crypto money service providers will be examined in detail by the country’s central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank. Such a detailed study of the central banks of countries on this issue can be perceived as a very positive development for the future of the ecosystem.

Analyst: Bitcoin’s price could get worse

Analyst: Bitcoin’s price could get worse

Analyst Stephen Innes believes that leading crypto money will continue to lose its value on the ground that it does not provide a significant use situation to the world.

Today, Bitcoin’s most potential use case value store. But an analyst thinks otherwise.

Stephen Innes, President of Asia Pacific Trading, a New York-based forex company, believes that leading crypto money will continue to lose its value on the ground that it does not provide a significant use situation to the world.

In addition, Innes says that the Bitcoin madness is more absurd than those seen during the Tulip Balloon.

Bitcoin has declined by over 80 percent since its all-time high of $ 20,000. Digital money, on the other hand, declined by 48.5 percent from mid-November due to specific macroeconomic crypto factors. Leading crypto money has recently landed at a new low level of $ 3,200, meaning a 83.5 percent depreciation from the summit.

“Crypto is a catastrophic year for coins and the current bearish market may be getting worse,” he said.

Bitcoin can either be nothing or anything.

Digital money emerged as an alternative payment system against popular payment mechanisms when launched in 2008, and was much faster, cheaper, and completely central than its traditional peers. But the evolution he spent with time brought with him a few cases of use. For some, it was a tradable asset, according to others it was a currency of the online underground market. Bitcoin’s features have changed with each user. But in a broader context, digital money remained a multifaceted technology.

Innes is right to point out that Bitcoin does not offer a significant use situation to the world, because it all succumbs to one thing: price volatility.

Bitcoin would have gained more confidence as a payment tool and value store if it were less volatile. On the other hand, when we look at other assets, we may be judging Bitcoin very early. Take the gold.

In 1971, President Nixon’s government ceased Gold as a global standard of value and replaced it with US Dollars. Following this decision, gold experienced a huge volatile period. In 1974, gold bullion rose 73 percent against the US dollar, but lost 25 percent of its gains a year later. In 1981, after a steep rise of 121 percent, fell by 33 percent.

Square’s Cash App App Drops PayPal at Google Play

Square’s Cash App App Drops PayPal at Google Play

Store Square’s Cash App app was the most downloaded finance app in the Google Play Store.

Square’s Cash App was the most popular application in the finance category, leaving behind PayPal in the Google Play Store. The Cash App achieved significant gains in 2018, which we left behind.
In August this year, the Cash App was second only to PayPal, with 154% growth. In the same month, the Cash App announced that it will offer Bitcoin trading services to users in 50 states of the United States. A significant increase in the popularity of Bitcoin and alternative crypto currencies in 2018 seems to have benefited the Cash App. So much so that the company has achieved significant revenue by recording impressive growth.

Although the crypto money market was under the influence of the bear season, the company’s profit rose by 100% in the second quarter of the year. In an interview with The Times, Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey said in recent months that he believes Bitcoin could be the world’s leading currency in ten years or less. According to Dorsey, Square’s growth strategy is to minimize the inefficiency of payment systems and to ensure that people can send Bitcoin or a unique currency to each other without any problems. There are also rumors that Square may open a crypto money exchange in the future, although it is not yet confirmed.

Unlike many companies in the crypto money sector, Square has had a good year in bad market conditions. In addition, in June of this year, New York Financial Services Department, which succeeded in taking Bitlicense Square’s market value has increased dramatically. The app has been downloaded 54,748 times on Google Play Store now rated 4 stars.

Allianz Investment Manager:  Ban all Crypto Coins!

Allianz Investment Manager: Ban all Crypto Coins!

Allianz investment manager Andreas Utermann said that crypto coins should be banned.

CEO of Allianz Global Investors and investment supervisor Andreas Utermann argued that crypto coins should be banned by regulators.
According to a report prepared by Reuters, Utermann told Andrew Bailey, manager of the UK organizer FCA, at a panel:

You must ban crypto values, because many investors lost their money because of the decline. Personally, I expected regulators to make harder decisions about crypto money.

Bailey, one of the Bank of England executives at the same time, said that Utermann thinks that the crypto coins are not true value and that their comments are quite brutal. Central bank manager in addition to the cryptocurrency closely followed the money industry and feature ICO said that they are under the spotlight.

The crypto money market suffered huge losses with Bitcoin falling from $ 20,000 to under $ 3500. There is a loss of up to 80% and the situation in the subcoins is worse.

FCA had previously set up a mandate to target crypto coins and Blockchain and set policy. The task force would research on the potential impacts and benefits of technology, and a regulatory map would be created through the findings.

The FCA had announced last month that it could ban some crypto money-based derivatives. Many investors were concerned that the sale of complex, volatile and often leveraged derivative products did not conform to the market infrastructure. In other news, it was discussed that the fact that crypto coins lost some of their popularity at a conference last month reduced the pressure on the FCA . If the FCA was heavily pressured, the agency could rush to make adjustments and implement an implementation that would hinder the development of technology. However, it can be said that the bear season has at least a positive side because it has removed its regulatory pressures.

Fasten Your Belts, IOTA Prepares to Fly With its new move

Fasten Your Belts, IOTA Prepares to Fly With its new move

IOTA is preparing to remove a central node designed to protect the network from dual spending attacks. Thus, IOTA will take a step closer to the vision of una complete decentralization.
The Berlin-based IOTA Foundation adopted the name “coordicide A for this. According to an important blogger from the IOTA community, icide Satoshi is the first project to realize its vision, but without mining. Olmadan According to Hans Moog, a leading IOTA developer, un When Coordicide is completed, IOTA will reach complete decentralization. I

According to the PoW algorithm that IOTA currently uses, an attacker cannot have more than a third of the hash power of the network. This is guaranteed by the coordinator node and the network is secured. IOTA likens this to hard-coded control points in Bitcoin.

As an IoT (Internet of Things) project, IOTA focuses on inter machine communication with the MIOTA token. Therefore, the German financial technology company Wirecard, which is interested in IOTA’s technology, is becoming interesting for many mainstream companies.

IOTA uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), a kind of distributed notebook technology (not Blockchain). IOTA’s Tangle technology, which doesn’t require the miners and the processing fees, has a unique structure.

For example, with the mes Feed the Sheep la application developed with the IOTA infrastructure, users can fund the feed of Tangle and Quessant sheep simultaneously.

The process seems to feed animals in the zoo. However, instead of feeding the animal by hand, it is paid to an address via IOTA, where a food farm is left on a solar farm. Moreover, the whole process is running live.

Authentication Step from CEX.IO

Authentication Step from CEX.IO

In the context of Brexit, CEX.IO customers who are involved in business are demanding to verify their identity.

UK-based crypto money exchange CEX.IO wants users to share their credentials, Financial Trading reported on December 11th.
Launched as a cloud mining provider in 2013, CEX is a London-based crypto currency exchange. Based on the Coinmarketcap data of CEX, which currently supports eight major digital currencies and four major traditional currencies, the daily trading volume is around $ 4.9 million.

With the possibility of the UK being separated from the European Union, with Brexit, the stock market is somewhat confused, but CEX.IO aims to do business with international customers. To this end, the European Union is trying to comply with international regulations, including the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive. The period until July 10, 2020 was granted for the implementation of the directives into force in the European Union member states in July 2018.

In addition, CEX.IO, a registered member of the United States Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, has to continue its activities in accordance with the laws of the United States. Considering all this, CEX Regulatory Affairs Consultant Serhii Mokhniev announced the stock market decision as follows:

We have always considered the importance of carrying out crypto-currency transactions in a legal framework. Therefore, long before the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directives were adopted in the EU, the authentication process was put into practice in traditional currency transactions.

In December 2017, the European Union and the United States announced they would draw a joint action plan on crypto-based money laundering and tax evasion. In line with the directives in the European Union, it is aimed to keep the credentials of crypto money investors as long as possible. In October, the UK Treasury Secretary Stephen Barclay expressed the following:

The UK government is working on new regulations for money laundering and anti-terrorism, including crypto money stock exchange platforms and wallet providers.