Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

The Bitcoin family continues to live a dreamlike life even though the BTC falls. Here is a Bitcoin story that can be absurd but completely real.

Bitcoin family goes on their way
For Bitcoin, where you believe you will climb to new heights one day, can you give up all the items you have?

The answer to most of us is no. But there is a Dutch Bitcoin family who says yes and invests their money in Bitcoin.

In October 2017, the world recognized a family of 5 people who invested in Bitcoin (home, car and even a pension savings fund). Didi Taihuttu , the father of 3 children , even sold his favorite bike to show everyone that he is serious.

The family then moved to a campsite in the Netherlands.

The interest of the press in this Dutch family was great. As time passed and December 2017 reached the peak of Bitcoin , this interest increased further.

But the Taihuttu family made an interesting statement before seeing the Bitcoin $ 20,000 peak:

We did not engage in such an event to support the crypto revolution. We wanted to change our way of life and Bitcoin was an occasion. If we were very rich one day, we would share our wealth with the poor. I think that’s what we’re doing right now. That is why Bitcoin has dropped or is not very important for us.

This point of view at that time was often an exaggeration to most people, even the impression was a bit of a lie. However, the time has gone Bitcoin came to 20 thousand dollars. The family’s fortune has increased by 3-4 times. But there was no change in the family. Then the price of the BTC has fallen to 3 thousand, the family’s life and happiness has not changed again.

The family now lives in Thailand . Taihuttu explained that they are very interested in the media and that they have received invitations from many countries.

Ethereum trying to get over $ 100

Ethereum trying to get over $ 100

Ethereum is struggling to stay over $ 100. All eyes are on Ethereum. Because he’s pushing the bottom of the $ 100 limit more and more forcefully. In the meantime, Bitcoin has crossed the $ 3,400 threshold for a short time. Many accounts think that Bitcoin is working on testing the $ 3,000 limit, which is both a physical and a market indicator.

Let’s see if Ethereum can survive over $ 100.

Bitcoin will probably test $ 3,000
If I’m one of the more bulky of these winter days, I’ve got bad news: Bitcoin price makes a bit of a hell on the 3-day chart.

bitcoin price

The price of Bitcoin fell more than $ 200 in the last 3 days. Average users and traders will feel this kind of a difference. In any form of bull race, momentum seems to be dying. The revival that we have seen in the past 1.5 days can only be made from bots for purchase, without anticipating that there may be cheaper prices on the horizon.

Double figures at Ethereum price
Still, no one had a bad week like Ethereum. He was trying to keep $ 120 and $ 118 on Friday. Things went bad over the weekend. The last 24-hour period was even worse. Ether had an opening at $ 111 with Coinbase 24 hours ago, but is now around $ 105.

wholesale ethereum

It could be a reality next week when Ether saw $ 100 gold. The lack of new ICOs to create demand is one of the reasons for the problem here. The lack of the use of decentralized applications, which make up the demand for gas (which is used for the payment of Ethereum token transactions), has a share in this. The increase in these two will mean new demands for Ethereum.

If you want to keep a long-term Ether these levels will be missed opportunities. For Ethereum’s true believers, the only concern that can last for a long time is perhaps the dilution of value generated by the Proof-of-Stake system in the near future. Tokenize systems have to find their own real market.

$ 100 billion in value: Move to Blockchain

$ 100 billion in value: Move to Blockchain

The Bahrain-based technology company PO8, with its blockchain technology, is digging the sunken treasures of $ 100 billion to develop the country’s economy.

The $ 100 billion submerged treasure and other underwater works in the waters surrounding the Bahamas were dug to be used in Blockchain technology.

Supported by the Baham center-based technology company PO8 , the project employs world-renowned marine archaeologists who are digging up sunken treasures to improve marine habitats and raise money for the country’s blue economy (sustainable development and development of the oceans, seas and coasts in harmony with the environment).

Each excavated work will then provide a token ( NFT ) that will function as a smart contract for the object in question, and the data of these works will be recorded on Blockchain.

Surreal world assets will be exhibited at the PO8 Museum Foundation where they will be exhibited and NFTs which will digitize their economic value will be sold and traded all over the world.

The PO8 predicts that the project will contribute $ 60 million annually to the Bahamas economy and will provide more than 100 new jobs in its peak season.

Bahamas will be the 3rd pillar of the economy
According to PO8, the sunken treasure Blockchain project will bring a huge gain to the Bahamas.

Matthew Arnett, CEO of PO8, says:

Sınıf NFTs are a new value-storage tool and commodity class, which are just what the blue economy needs right now. It is also a new way of generating revenue and real effects for island countries like the Bahamas. We are shifting the Bahamas from the tourism sector to a 3rd technology pillar. Together with our love for the ocean, we don’t just buy her, we give her something. In fact, we feed what feeds us.

The benefits of the project to marine life
It is said that the project will help to preserve the marine life of the region, as well as important benefits for the country’s economy. As most of the excavated marine works are made of metals that have the potential to damage fishing and large marine life in the region, sea life is expected to be enriched by cleaning them.

The removal of the sunken treasure from the region will help the restoration of the natural reefs in the sea, and the new artificial reefs placed in the excavation areas will further improve the sea life.

Among the marine archaeologists working in the project are David Gallo, who is the most recent exploration team in the RMS Titanic shipwreck site, Troy Launay, the member of Amazon’s Apollo F-1 engine rescue team, and Claudio Bonifacio, a well-known shipwreck researcher.

Where Does Bitcoin Miners Go?

Where Does Bitcoin Miners Go?

Bitcoin miners are turning to alternative networks due to the decrease in the profitability of the network.

For Bitcoin (BTC) miners , things are watching unusual. The digital coins under the leadership of BTC experienced a large and long-running bear market throughout 2018 . This effect, which is still continuing, has significantly reduced the price of crypto coins. You can learn more about the last year’s balance sheet by reviewing our article titled os How Much Value Lost Crypto Coins in 2018.The declines in prices have also affected the mining activities significantly and the profitability ratio in the Bitcoin network has declined. Bitcoin miners also found the remedy for different networks.

Where are Bitcoin Miners?
Some of Bitcoin miners had shut down when the crypto money market suffered a great deal of depreciation last November. Later, with the adjustment of the difficulty level, some of these miners returned to the market. However, others are referring to alternative networks such as ZCash (ZEC) .

Profitability Rate
Bitcoin, which reached a record level of $ 20,000 in December 2017 , declined to $ 3,200 in December 2018. The profitability rate of Bitcoin mining activities has decreased significantly after this serious decline. As a result, it is normal for miners to turn to alternative solutions .

Crypto coins, such as ZCash, have sent miners from the BTC network to their network for the past few weeks. The report, published by Bitcoinexchangeguide, draws attention to this fact regarding BTC miners. The ZEC network offers good returns for both individual and institutional miners. Block awards in the network is better than Bitcoin’e expressed.

Wikipedia Added a New Crypto Money

Wikipedia Added a New Crypto Money

Bitcoin Cash, one of the worst-performing crypto coins of recent times, was accepted as a donation method by Wikipedia .

BCH Step from Wikipedia

Pats Pena, Director of Payments and Operations at Wikipedia Foundation :

Our donors’ interest in different crypto coins increased, so adding the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was the next natural step. We accept donations from all over the world and we are working hard to offer comprehensive donation options. It is very important for us to be able to process international donations efficiently and cost-effectively.

The half-centric global encyclopedia Wikipedia has been accepting Bitcoin donations since 2014, according to Trustnodes , but according to a press release, Bitcoin Cash was also accepted, to accept BitPay . Sony Singh , BitPay CCO , said:

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the cheapest payment options. Wikipedia is doing such good things all over the world that it is a privilege to help them in collecting donations.

Performance of Bitcoin Cash
The BCH goes through extremely difficult times. BCH, which is living in the network division in November, declined in price. Bitcoin SV – The Bitcoin Cash fuss has hit the crypto money market and investors have sold their crypto money in an environment of mistrust, meaning that all markets are on the decline.

Bitcoin’s LV (BSV) BCH some supporters of the birth of bsv’y passed and he lost a lot of blood Bitcoin Cash. In spite of everything, the BCH kept its position among the to biggest 4 4 crypto. Adding Bitcoin Cash to Wikipedia has also given confidence to Bitcoin Cash investors.

Cryptopia hack again: over 17,000 wallets emptied

Cryptopia hack again: over 17,000 wallets emptied

Cryptopia, the New Zealand-based crypto money exchange, which has been the target of hacking attacks for some time, was again hacked yesterday morning and around 1.675 ETH was stolen from the stock exchange.

According to a report by Blockchain analyst Elementus, the New Zealand-based crypto currency exchange Cryptopia , which has been in trouble for several years with hacking attacks, was hacked again yesterday morning and hacking continued throughout the day. The report reportedly attracted over 17,000 wallets.

In the attack yesterday, the stock market lost around 1,675 ETH and their value was about 180 million dollars. According to the report, the 5,240 wallet affected by the previous attacks was again the target of the hackers. The report also reported that these users were unaware of the events because the crypto coins were added to their wallets again.

Ethereum was sent to the stolen token.

Source: Etherscan
Here’s a cross-section of the report:

It was unclear whether Cryptopia was the first to secure the remaining funds. However, at around 21.50 we confirmed that the hacker was actually the same thief. At that time, future transfers stopped, and the merged funds were moved to a wallet that had previously stolen Cryptopia funds.

In the report, it is stated that the stock market has no control over the private keys of Ethereum wallets and that this control is in the hacker. In addition, traders of the stock market without paying attention to the hackers reported that they continue to invest in Ethereum. Elementus also thinks that all the funds sent to the stock market are under the control of hackers until the hackers are captured.

Elementus’ previous hack report reported that the Ethereum and ERC20 token worth $ 16 million were stolen from 76 thousand different Ethereum wallets in Cryptopia. In this hacking event, huge amounts of Ethereum, Dentacoin, Oyster Perl, Lisk ML and Centrality were stolen

Saudi Arabia and UAE’s common crypto money has been named

Saudi Arabia and UAE’s common crypto money has been named

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia jointly developed the name of the crypto money “Aber” was. Aber will initially be tested in a limited number of banks.

According to the Saudi Press Agency today, the interbank digital currency, which is jointly developed by the Central Banks of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, was announced as Aber Saudi .

In a joint statement by the banks, Aber said it will be used in a limited number of banks in both countries and will be tested in a limited number of financial transactions based on distributed notebook technology.

News on the use of cross-border digital currency among banks in the two countries has been seen many times before, but today’s development is the first official step in this regard.

The banks listed their targets with the press of Aber:

Examine the dimensions of modern technologies and their suitability for practical use, determine their impact on development, reduce transfer costs, assess technical risks and how to deal with them “

In the statement, Aber’s official pilot edition date was not specified and it was announced that it would focus on technical aspects at the beginning. In addition, if no technical obstacles are encountered, economic and legal requirements will be taken into account for future use cases.

These two countries believe that the national centralized systems have proven their credibility for transfer transactions and transactions within the country, while some aspects of international transfer operations need to be further developed. That’s why they think that binary printing is important. With the Aber project, they plan to test whether this digital currency will help this development.

The statement also included the following statements:

The possibility of using this project as an additional reserve system will be taken into account if there are any problems in the project. “

Aber is said to be part of the 7-point cooperation plan between the two countries discussed on 17 January in the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council Executive Board.

As it is known, the United Arab Emirates aims to be one of the attraction centers for the blockchain companies in 2019 by creating a legal legal framework for the crypto-money.

In Saudi Arabia, the customs authorities recently implemented a pilot application linking Arabia’s cross-border trade platform FASAH and IBM and Maersk’s TradeLens with the blockchain infrastructure.

Train running on block chain!

Train running on block chain!

An interesting example was the LEGO Duplo remote control train block chain projects that increased or decreased the speed of the network. Moreover, only amateur initiatives were achieved.

Train running on block chain

While the world of crypto money has been crying in recent months, interesting projects are taking place on the block chain. Developers who made a giant toy whale moving to crypto donations some time ago have now prepared a toy train running on the block chain.

Interesting study logic!
Roeland P Lanparty , a block chain engineer who bought a LEGO Duplo train to his child , saw that the train offers Bluetooth connectivity for control. After doing some research, he understood that he could use the train for an interesting project.

Instead of implementing LEGO with a reverse engineering application, Lanparty had a chance to customize motion commands by examining the projects he found on the internet. Then the STEEM blocks the block chain .

When the block chain is used intensively, the train is accelerating. The rate of use at thought is also slowing down the train. The speed is adjusted according to the average transfers per block in the network. Thus, an automatic control system is created.

Lanparty also can adjust the speed according to the number of users included in the network. On the other hand, it was unable to adjust the train speed for very high or low usage. Thereupon Lanparty put a speed limit.

Block chain technologies are mostly invested in finance and security, but amateur entrepreneurs like Lanparty show that these technologies can be used in a project in the living room.

The Marshall Islands national crypto money embodies SOV!

The Marshall Islands national crypto money embodies SOV!

According to Btcmanager, the Marshall Islands continue to take firm steps for national crypto money SOV . A press release was published on January 28th.

A First In The World
According to the statement, Tangem, a company that manufactures Blockchain based smart cards , will print the physical banknotes of Sovereign (SOV) , the world’s first decentralized digital national currency A part of the description provides the following information:

The SOV will be the national currency of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) together with the US dollar.

SOV, which will benefit from the advantages of Blockchain technology , will allow rapid, inexpensive and global value change without any risk factors .

In order for all Marshall Islands citizens to have equal rights in digital money, Tangem began to work with SOV-responsible institutions. Because SOV is offline, citizens who do not have access to the Internet will not have any problems in moving their digital assets.

Tangem Banknotes
By taking advantage of the advantages of SOV Blockchain , it will allow you to approve the transaction immediately and without any cost. At the same time, Tangem’s banknotes will minimize the burden of technical infrastructure on the Marshall Islands . Because banknotes facilitate the physical circulation of SOVs out of chain among all SOV owners .

According to the press release, each Tangem card will be in the form of a unique banknote . The cards will have a microprocessor reinforced with Blockchain , so paper banknotes will be combined with Blockchain security. In addition, all digital banknotes will be 100% decentralized and transparent and will represent a şeffaf controllable mechanism of money printing and circulation on behalf of the state.

In pursuit of the State Zcoin Founder!

In pursuit of the State Zcoin Founder!

Zcoin’s founder, Poramin Insom, may have been targeted by government-backed attackers.

Privacy-oriented crypto-money Zcoin’s (XZC) founder Poramin Insom’s Google account login information is being stolen by Z government-sponsored attackers according to Google’s warning.

the Zcon
Zcon zero-knowledge proof ( evidence that is not secret ) draws attention to the use of a crypto-currency. So users can prove the ownership of a token without revealing which tokens they have. Zcoin, in which the PoW algorithm is used, is in fact an kullanıl application that promises anonymous transactions v of the Zerocoin protocol.

Zcoin’s founder came up with interesting news. Some people think that Insom has become a target for Zcoin. Someone has added to Zcoin Blockchain an anti-governmental content that cannot be censored due to the nature of Blockchain’s technology.

Google Alert
Insom who posted a post on Facebook wrote that Google gave him a warning. The warning states that government-backed attackers are after Insom and are encouraged to participate in the Google Advanced Protection Program developed for saldırı users who are at risk of targeted attacks. Some of the following lines draw attention:

This is less than 0.1% of all Google users. We can’t say how we learned this because the attackers take notes and change their tactics. However, if they are successful, they can access your data at some point or do other things using your account.

Thailand Government
According to the CoinGape site, the Thai government may be responsible for the attack. A user’s claim is that the government is taking action against anti-government content in Zcoin Blockchain . The government is targeting the Insom because it is the creator of Zcoin , and it may be that it wants to know if it’s responsible for anti-government content.

Whatever the cause, people and motivation source; we can say that the incident is rarely seen in the world of crypto money and is a very unusual example.