Starbucks rejected Bitcoin payments

Starbucks rejected Bitcoin payments

Starbucks rejected Bitcoin payments

Starbucks rejected reports that he will begin accepting Bitcoin payments. Starbucks will not accept payments with digital currencies, but digital assets like Bitcoin will be converted to dollars and customers will be able to pay in Starbucks.

STARBUCKS ,Bitcoin has rejected the news will start accepting payments.

In Starbucks’ statement, “We do not accept payment with digital currencies in Starbucks. Instead, the exchange will turn digital assets like Bitcoin into dollars and customers will be able to pay in Starbucks this way,” he said.

Starbucks announced on Friday that it is part of the “Bakkt” platform regulated by Wall Street, along with Microsoft and the Intercontinental Exchange. Iyor We are collaborating with digital markets with transformative potential to take part in global markets and trade, uz said Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt .

Development, Starbucks media in the media to accept cryptocurrency payments had taken place in the headlines.

Starbucks, customers, not to pay with crypto currencies, digital assets can easily convert to dollars, they emphasized that they aim to provide a platform

What is Coinhive? How is mining done?

What is Coinhive? How is mining done?

It was recently revealed that the famous torrent site Pirate Bay had built virtual money and mining through the browser. This situation had attracted a lot of reaction in the first place, but now seems to be accepted. With the Coinhive plugin from WordPress, this situation will become even more common!

One of the most extraordinary ways of acquiring virtual money was the process of mining through browser . With JavaScript add-ons added to websites, visitors are able to support the mining process during their page navigation.

The plugin, called Coinhive for WordPress, will be able to provide Javascript support for WordPress-based sites. With the Coinhive, Monero can be used for mining. Coinhive will cooperate with Crypto-Loot, MineMyTraffic and JSEcoing. The WordPress plugin is extremely important.

Carl Whalley, the CEO of OTAMate, which publishes a wireless update for smartphones, says the mining process through the browser will be a great gain for websites. Whalley, so that the website that eats up, but the significant revenue door ads may decrease the dependence, he added.

Whalley said that companies such as Google and Facebook also get more than half of their advertising revenue.

According to TechInside, the mining process through the browser has many advantages. The first is the reduced ad impression. If a website obtains sufficient revenue from mining, it may optionally reduce the number of ads on the site. This will also mean a better experience for your site visitor.

Another nice thing is the happiness of people who can be called loyal visitors to contribute to their favorite sites with a little more CPU load instead of the ads they don’t click. This point is your favorite site open on a tab is enough to increase.

How much load will the visitors have on their computers?

Tests for Pirate Bay show that mining operations through the browser do not put serious burdens on systems. While the same browser does not force multiple tabs that are opened through the browser, the mining process with two different browsers is that the CPU usage is not very serious.

The possibility of using multiple websites with the same plug-in in different browsers may increase the system load slightly.




Hackers won fortune from India sites

Hackers won fortune from India sites

Crypto coins may not make their investors laugh at their value, but the situation is a bit different for hackers. Cryptojacking is the world-wide activity of using the processing power of someone else’s computer for unauthorized use of crypto-money mining. Many organizations, from government websites to leading car manufacturers in the world, have had their share. The most recent victim of hackers who targeted high-traffic websites instead of individual users was the Indian government.

Monero mining with visitors’ processing power

It is not known when security researchers Shakil Ahmed, Anish Sarma and Indrajeet Bhuyan had recently discovered crypto-money mining activity, and how much hackers have ever gained crypto money. Researchers who say that the popular Coinhive script developed for Monero mining has been used.

Cyber ​​attackers use cryptography to hide

Cyber ​​attackers use cryptography to hide

Cisco’s research has shown that cyber attackers are becoming increasingly specialized in order to hide command control activities, which is normally intended to enhance security. As of October 2017, 50 percent of the global web traffic has been encrypted, a three-fold increase in the encrypted network communication used by malicious software samples. Cisco Security Sales Manager, says the attackers have always taken advantage of vulnerabilities in new technologies.

In the upcoming period, Security Sales Manager  evaluates the expected developments in the cyber security area and the measures that companies should take, and he adds that the new technological trends such as the internet of objects and artificial intelligence are added to the bar every year in cyber security. Rather, cyber attackers are more and more specialized in order to hide command control activities on the purpose of encryption, which is normally intended to enhance security. Global As encrypted global web traffic volume increases, attackers mask command control activities using cryptography, thus gaining more time to work without damage and damage ” said.

More crypto-worm attacks

Experts stated that the development of ransomware was one of the most important threats that emerged in 2017 and continued: id By using network-based ransomware worms, attackers have eliminated the need for human interaction when launching ransomware campaigns. At the same time, they moved the game from ransom pursuit directly to the destruction of systems, data and operations. Why is this important? We have experienced fast-moving network-based attacks with WannaCry and Nyetya, and we expect more automated ‘crypto-worm’ activity next year. Security teams must be aware of this and must be prepared to: target speed and mass impact.

Attackers are following technology closely

According to the Cisco Security Report, cyber attackers are also developing approaches to exploiting new gaps in technology. For example, DevOps systems and services are at the highest risk. Because they are either not properly deployed or deliberately left open for ease of use. In addition, industrial control systems and process control systems at the heart of production create an eco-system with vulnerable devices that are overloaded and weaken by attackers.  

Cisco’s eyes on the battlefield

The experts stated that Cisco’s security engineers had been able to see the entire battlefield for 24 hours. Advanced network; The only place that sees everything, including network infrastructures, data centers, virtual circles, cloud, mobile devices and endpoints. The vast majority of Internet traffic in the world is moving through Cisco networks. In this way, we can capture and analyze valuable data, support the IT units to detect anomalies and predict problems in real time.

Crypto currency removed from legal documents in Russia

Crypto currency removed from legal documents in Russia

The expression “crypto currency para was removed from all legal documents in Russia.
Following the deferral of regulations on crypto currencies in Russia, which are expected to be put into practice for several reasons, the law on “digital financial assets lar is expected to be put forward for discussion in October and is expected to be implemented by the end of the year.
Authorities aiming to change the use of the crypto currencies except for the regulations were allegedly removed from the report, according to the news in Izvestia.
The Russian administration also referred to the issue of crypto-currency mining within the scope of the crypto-currency approaches.

Crypto coins in 10 questions

Crypto coins in 10 questions

I have compiled what you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins, which are the recent economic trend.

With the increase in value gained in 2017, crypto coins, which broke the memorization in the economy markets and became a new area, have been the dream of those who want to be rich in the recent times. Therefore, the number of questions about crypto coins also increased. All you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins.

What Does Crypto Money Mean?

Crypto and currency (currency) words created by the combination of this term, encrypted money. There is no centralized institution where these funds are produced or controlled, and the money is generated over the internet. Digitally encoded and coded coins are recorded by blockchain method.

How and How to Produce?

The mechanism that determines the amount of production of crypto coins is the consumer. These funds are produced and sold according to demand and balance. Firstly, these coins started to be produced in 2008 and they are produced by the algorithms of the software. The money produced is stored in electronic wallets.

How are the transactions recorded?

The head of the software that manages this currency comes from the blockchain. This software, which means block chain, performs many basic operations such as production, sale and operation of crypto coins. The network security is also provided by this blocking system for the money received and sold anonymously.

Who Can Produce Crypto Money?

In theory it can be said that everyone can generate crypto money on everyone’s computer, but it is necessary to apply “mining” technique very quickly. The production mechanism of these coins is in the hands of Chinese companies. The software in the hands of these companies, the individual does not be able to do more and quick mining. It is more preferable to get ready for personal production.

Where are Crypto Coins Stored?

Coins stored in the Blockchain network can be controlled via personal digital wallets. Wallet information is written to the network called public key. You can manage your wallets with software like Exodus. If you want to keep your money in a safe way, you need to keep your private key information, not share it with anyone, and get your money from reliable sources.

Is There Physical Reserve?

It is not possible to use crypto coins as concrete or banknotes. But this money has a currency like euro or dollar and you can cash your crypto money at any time.

How Many Pieces Has Crypto Currency?

New crypto currencies appear almost every day . In addition to brands such as Bitcoin , Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, there are more than 1500 crypto currencies.

How Reliable?

While the crypto currency has a solid firewall, some errors can occur due to its anonymous feature and human factor.

Is it Legal or Illegal?

Although crypto coins are banned by some countries, they are free to use in countries such as the USA, China, Japan. But it can also be used illegally because of money laundering and illegal transfer.

How Much is a Crypto Money Buying Value?

The value of crypto coins can undergo rapid changes depending on different elements.

what is Bitcoin

Wozniak support for Bitcoin


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that Bitcoin had many different aspects to any technology product and announced it was participating in a crypto currency start-up.

Speaking at the chain-chain event Chainxchange, Wozniak said that crypto-currencies technology had the same effect as when the internet first emerged, and that he wanted to learn the technology in question, so he joined a crypto-currency startup.

After Wozniak’s statements, Bitcoin, the determinant of the crypto-currency market, increased 4.01 percent to $ 6,692 in the last 24 hours, accounting for 53.0 percent of the market with a market volume of US $ 115 billion 271 million.

Among the top 10 crypto currencies of the market with a total of 1,865 crypto currencies, Tether declined by 0.11 percent in the last 24 hours, while the 83 percent increased by 31.31 percent and the highest increase in Cortex by 77.3 percent.

As a result of the developments, the market volume increased by 3.8 percent to $ 217 billion 500 million in the last 24 hours.

The 24-hour trading volume on the market was calculated to be 12 billion 171 million dollars , while the highest volume changes in the first 10 crypto currencies;

– Bitcoin 4.01 percent

– Ethereum 1.00 percent

– Ripple 2.48 percent

– Bitcoin Cash 3.78 percent

– 4.12 percent of EOS

– Stellar 4.25 percent

– Litecoin 4.01 percent

– Cardano 1.51 percent

– Monero increases 0.94 percent

– Tether dropped 0.11 percent.

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

In Bitcoin, the SegWit transactions suddenly dropped to the end of October. But what was the reason for this sudden regression.

Blockchain detectives and Lightning supporters may have noticed a significant drop in SegWit blocks near the end of last month. Bitcoin transactions with SegWit technology reached a record level of over 50 percent last month, but the rate started to fall around October 20, down to about 40 percent.

SegWit operations are less costly and faster as they are smaller in size than normal operations.

Users who have noticed this latest situation may have asked the question leri Why did the SegWit transactions that so many people have used before have suddenly regressed?

SegWit operations chart

A Bitcoin newsletter, familiar with the deep technological aspects of Bitcoin, has probably the right theory on the subject: At least one large mining pool accidentally stopped SegWit. The theory suggests that the decline in SegWit operations may be the result of a simple error with the wrong configuration.

Segregated Witness, or SegWit, is a scaling solution led by Peter Wuille, Eric Lombrozo and Johnson Lau. The technology that emerged as a solution to the congestion problem of the Bitcoin network played an important role in large Bitcoin scaling discussions from 2015 to 2017. However, a group of protocols that did not want SegWit believed that the first and most important change should be an increase in the size of the blocks, which eventually led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

During the intervening period of 13-14 months, SegWit operations increased continuously. So much so that at the moment one of the two operations is done with SegWit. As time goes by, it is thought that SegWit will be the norm and will lay the groundwork for newer technologies such as Lightning Network.