Pay with Bitcoin, or explode

Pay with Bitcoin, or explode

Business owners in Amsterdam are willing to pay tribute to Bitcoin; otherwise, they live in fear of criminals who say they will conduct terrorist activities.

According to the Dutch publisher NLTimes, 50 million euros worth of Bitcoin e-mails have been sent to many businesses in Amsterdam. If the payment is not made, hand grenades will be installed in the work places or workplaces; bullet In the capital of the Netherlands, when firearms are expelled or if an explosive device is found, the workplaces must be closed for a while.

A part of the threat mail is as follows:

You have probably noticed how many entrepreneurs have to close their doors by order of the municipality. You must act now to avoid being one of them.

Pioneer Crypto Money Exchanges

The victims were instructed to pay out tribute money to open an account, in particular on one of the two co-market and coin-crypto-money exchanges. They were then asked to take Bitcoin from one of these exchanges and transfer it to a specific address.

Since the middle of this year, a nightclub and at least three coffee shops have taken this threat. If the criminals didn’t get paid in five days, it would be clear that the money would be doubled to 100 thousand euros.

According to wages, criminals demand confidentiality and warn operators against being notified to the police or anyone else. If the confidentiality of the mail could not be protected, the tribute will be quadrupled to 200,000 Euro Bitcoin. Moreover, they say they will do what is necessary to ensure that the business closes for at least three months. For now, no business has confessed to paying money.

Please Don’t Ransomware, Just Bombs

Although it was not the first time that criminals wanted tribute from Bitcoin as operators, such acts of terror were rare. Instead, criminals often used ransomware, which proved to be a lucrative business. The cyber security company Sophos predicts that the creators of Samsam ransomware earned $ 6 million since 2015.

The use of tributary cutting method is so rare in the crypto-currency field that the beginning of the target Bitcoin in isolated events. According to the CCN report, which was about three months ago, this was the case when Kryptovault, a Norwegian Bitcoin mining farm, had received a bomb threat as a result of controversies over the residents of the facility.

The threat message sent to Kryptovault read:

This is a sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the whole country with noise, then you sabotage our peace. I’m threatening to send you explosives. “

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