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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crypto Currency Exchange LocalBitcoins Hacked

Peer to Peer (P2P) crypto money exchange LocalBitcoins hacked.

Popular peer crypto currency exchange localbitcoins was the target of cyber attackers. On January 26, 2019, Reddit reported that a peer-to-peer ( P2P ) crypto exchange was subjected to a LocalBitcoins pshing attack. Here’s a description of the Local Bitcoins:

We would like to announce that we discovered a vulnerability in LocalBitcoins at 10:00 am UTC (January 26th). Attackers can access and process transactions on our affected users’ accounts. We’re investigating the case. Transactions on the platform have been temporarily disabled.

We detected a third party software problem and stopped the attack. We are currently trying to identify our affected users. So far we have determined that 6 people were affected by the attack. For security reasons, the forum of our platform was temporarily closed until further notice.

A Reddit user named Bitcoinbabeau said that when he visited the platform’s forum, he was redirected to another page and asked to log in to the LocalBitcoins account. Apparently, only users who logged in to the referenced page with account information were affected by the attack. According to Bitcoinbabeau , users who have 2FA code logged in the site have been unloaded.

About 8 Bitcoin
Even though the financial dimension of the attack is not yet clear at the time our news is being prepared, the wallet, which is thought to belong to the cyber attacker, already has 7.95 Bitcoin accumulated at $ 28,000. It is also unknown whether the hacker used another crypto-money wallet in the attack.

Developments in the Cryptopia Attack
In the early days of the new year Cryptopia, a New Zealand -based crypto money exchange, was hacked . Although the weeks have passed since the cyber attack, the financial dimension of the attack has only recently been illuminated. Max Galka , a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of Blockchain analyst firm Elementus , announced that about $ 16 million of crypto money was stolen in the recent Cryptopia attack.

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