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Photos sent to Bitcoin exchanges are sold in the dark network

It was found that the photos sent to the crypto money exchanges for the authentication process were put on sale in the dark network.

In a dark network market called Dread, a vendor called ExploitDOT is trying to sell customer data from major crypto-money exchanges.

According to the data has reached, the seller claims that he has hacked the documents used in the KYC controls published since July 2018. These documents include documents such as ID cards and driver’s licenses. It is suggested that the documents are from the most popular stock exchanges such as Bittrex, Poloniex , Bitfinex and Binance .

The seller even applies a discount according to the number of purchases. According to this, for 25,000 and more purchases per unit, $ 1 per piece, 10,000 $ per unit for purchases, $ 5 per unit for purchases of 1,000 and more, $ 100 per unit for purchase and price tariffs like $ 10 offers. The ad is still reported online in the dark network.

A cyber security expert contacting CCN said he had received three free samples as evidence that he had been seized of documents after contacting the seller as the buyer. The expert said that the photos he took included the people who took photographs with the word “Binance” and a paper with history. In these photos, faces, ID cards or driving licenses can be seen. CCN confirmed the presence of these images.

The seller claims that the documents in each country have data from each country.

It is not yet known whether the leaked documents were related to the en Collection # 1 recently revealed and the largest data leak since 2013.

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