Pompliano: Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market!

Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management, will invest in Wall Street’s Bitcoin market, he said.
Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market and invest.
Anthony Pompliano, a familiar face of the crypto money markets, told his followers about 185K of followers by referring to Wall Street players:

Each buys and invests in crypto. They can’t afford to miss this. Keep your attention. Just follow what you do.

Anthony Pompliano founded Morgan Creek Capital Management in April 2018. Morgan Creek invests in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Pompliano also publishes a bulletin on developments in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Naturally, it follows the behavior of corporate firms.

Pompliano is not the only one who shares the views that institutional investors are interested in crypto money. In spite of the crypto winter that has been going on since 2018, OTC (on-board transactions) and STO (Securitized Tokens) transactions are increasing. The following news about the subject may draw your attention:

News from Bitcoin Bittrex: OTC transactions started

Bond Token platform freezes Polymath funds for 5 years

Major crypto money exchanges such as Coinbase are preparing themselves to serve their institutional investors. Coinbase began to withdraw funds from the E-series capital.

Another important expectation is Bakkt. The mission of Baktt, which will start futures in 2019, is to serve corporate companies.

Note: This article does not recommend investment. For informational purposes only.

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