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Record Processing Fee Paid for a $ 14 Ethereum Transaction

An Ethereum user paid an ETH fee of 2.100 for only a $ 14 transaction.

An Ethereum user wanted to send ETH worth $ 14 and his bill was heavy: The user paid 2100 ether fees for the transaction . At first it was thought that the incident was the result of the error, but the account of the user who made the transaction is extremely active according to Zycrypto, so the probability of error is low.

Contingent Transaction
The cost of the questionable transaction at the current exchange rate is more than 300 thousand dollars . Under normal circumstances, it’s unusual for an operation to explode $ 300,000 to $ 14. Therefore, the crypto-money community is questioning why such a small process is holding up. This extreme situation eToro Mati Greenspan also caught the attention:


It seems that one of the poor developer paid 3.150 ETH ($ 450k) as the transaction fee.

The Inner Face of the Event
The event discussed the inner face of the Reddit outside the likelihood of errors money laundering possibility of focusing on the same wallet because, similar operations have paid exorbitant prices as fees and transaction amount is expected to be a formality of being small. Here is a small illumination to clear the uncertainty: There are 3 transactions from the same address and the other two transactions, even if not as exorbitant as the first high wages are paid. In Greenspan’s statement, this is the reason why the 3.150 ETH statement passed.

A Twitter user named Biht Coign drew attention to this situation and suggested that the transactions might have been made by embezzlement by a mining company to embezzlement or money laundering .

Whatever the reason; Ethereum has lost reputation in the crypto money market . Some users criticized Ethereum for being central to this process

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