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Richest Child in Manhattan Accused of Crushing Money with 24 Million Dollars

Michael Terpin’s lawyers stolen $ 24 million worth of crypto money through a SIM card copy method, pointing to Nicholas Truglia, the number one suspect.

Blockchain and crypto currency investor Michael Terpin had a SIM card copied last January and a $ 24 million crypto money investment was stolen. Terpin’s lawyers claimed the assailant was Nicholas Truglia , rich man in Manhattan .

SIM card copying
At the hearing held on 31 December 2018 in the United States Los Angeles District Court, Terpin’s lawyers claimed that Nicholas Truglia was the attacker who attacked with a SIM card copy method . The 21-year-old American boy was thus included in the case as the top suspect. Nicholas Truglia is charged with stealing $ 24 million of crypto money by copying a SIM card. Not surprisingly, the suspect, Nicholas Truglia, is currently in custody for another SIM card copying charge.

According to the indictment, Truglia, together with a few friends, copied Michael Terpin ‘s SIM card in January of last year, stealing $ 23.8 million in crypto money. In addition, some of the allegations that Truglia wrote to his friends were included in the case file. In messages, Truglia openly admitted that he had robbed his friends of $ 20 million of crypto money during the time Terpin’s crypto coins were stolen.

I’m a millionaire now. I’m not kidding, I have 100 Bitcoins.

$ 224 million in compensation for AT & T
According to the press release, recent developments will not affect the case against AT & T. Because Michael Terpin had filed a lawsuit for $ 224 million in compensation for his operator AT & T. Terpin went even further, claiming that AT & T was cooperating with the attacker .

In November 2018, Nicholas Truglia, a suspect in the case, was challenged by the allegation that Silicon Valley entrepreneur Robert Ross had stolen his crypto money . Truglia, who introduced himself as Robert Ross, called AT & T to copy the victim’s SIM card, thus managed to bypass the 2-step verification protocols of the stock exchanges . A $ 300,000 crypto was liberated by police teams in Truglia’s Manhattan home . In addition to Truglia’s Michael Terpin and Robert Ross, 0Chain CEO Saswata Basu is also known to have captured the SIM card

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