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Russian President Viladimir Putin Provides Co-operation, NEO Rises

Rumors of Russia’s cooperation with NEO are on the agenda.

In the middle of last December, the crypto money market fell to the lowest level of the year. But in the new year, the crypto money market has recovered slightly. The popular crypto currencies NEO and Tron performed better than others.
Last month, the claim that the Russian Crypto Para and Blockchain Community wanted to form a partnership with the developers of the NEO platform was on the agenda. Newnewstoday reported that a letter to the NEO office in Saint Petersburg was sent to co-operate with the request of Russian President Viladimir Putin.

Nowadays, it is argued that Russia is planning to invest large amounts of crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, due to the US’s strict sanctions. Vladislav Ginko, a professor at the National Academy of National Economy and Civil Service, noted:

The Russian elites are largely investing in Bitcoin, leaving US assets and the US dollar due to US sanctions. The Central Bank of Russia controls a reserve of 466 billion dollars and has to diversify its resources in order not to be troubled in the future. I think that the US congress will bring new sanctions against Russia in February of this year and Russia will start to diversify its reserves with Bitcoin.

Today, the NEO broadcast stream in Reddit is filled with rhetoric and speculation in co-operation with Russia. NEO has experienced a 15% increase in the last 24 hours, thus making it the best-performing digital asset among the top 40 ranked CoinMarketCap. NEO experienced an increase of 22% on a weekly basis.

Since the first day of its launch, NEO has always been able to offer its investors. Even in 2017, it ranked first among the most profitable crypto coins. Some investors argue that the potential of the crypto currency, China’s Ethereum, is very high. They are not unfair, because NEO also has the support of the Chinese government. If NEO can prevent software problems, it can continue to look forward to the future.

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