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Sell your car, your home buy Litecoin

“ In the Fast Money program on CNBC, the server, calling for the audience to “buy Litecoin”.

With Bitcoin rising above $ 8,500 after June 2018, crypto coins began to gain a lot of space in the mainstream media. Yesterday in CNBC’s Fast Money program, the server, live broadcasts to buy the Litecoin investors. Server, Bitcoin and Litecoin’de the parabolic rise in recent months when describing the gaza came to the gas and said:
Sell your house, sell your car, buy Litecoin!

In the crypto money market there is no one who does not hear the phrase Litecoin is silver if Bitcoin is gold . Litecoin gave the right to this statement with his performance in the last few months. Litecoin, which was traded at the lowest level in recent years, declined to $ 22.93 in December and rose to $ 120 in May.

Amazing Performance from Litecoin
Litecoin, which increased its value by 416% in the last 5 months, outperformed Bitcoin. Litecoin’s investor in such a short time to gain such high profits justifies the call of the CNBC server. Also in August, Litecoin network block awards will be split, so it is likely that Litecoin will be in record in the coming months.

Litecoin Foundation’s director Franklyn Richards warned investors not to get excited by the uptrend in Litecoin. Richards thinks that Litecoin should not be separated from the main line of growth, otherwise the price of Litecoin may be at risk of bubbles.

The price of the Litecoin may move away from the chaining criteria. So I mean the sustainability of the upswing is jeopardized and we can face a negative scenario in a moment.

The CNBC server also said it expects Litecoin to show a further 130% increase before facing tough levels of resistance, referring to the upcoming block prize half-cut and technical bullish season indicators.