Some have made 350%: 5 subcoins that earn the most over the last 7 days

With the rise of Bitcoin to over $ 3,700, the sub-market has been revived. Some altcoins have seen three-digit gains over the last 7 days.

The crypto money market has followed a relatively flat course in the last week. Market capitalization fluctuated between 116 and 125 billion dollars. At the time of publication, this value is just over $ 124 billion.

On the other hand, Bitcoin’s rise above $ 3,700 boosted the sub- market. Significant increases were observed in many subcoins.

Last week’s market capitalization, the top 100 winners in the top 100 are as follows:

1- Apollo Currency (APL)
The first one is Apollo Currency (APL). Crypto money gained 350 percent in the last week. The APL traded at $ 0.000760 at the beginning of the week and currently buys $ 0.003500. APL, which is the largest 72th crypto money with $ 50 million market capitalization; BitMart is traded on stock exchanges such as IDAX, Coinbene and Exrates.

2- Augur (REP)
Another crypto currency that made the investor’s face laugh in the last week was Augur (REP). REP token of the betting platform Augur saw an increase of 116 percent. At the beginning of the week, $ 9 at the beginning of the crypto money, 20 dollars. Augur is one of the top 25 crypto currencies with market capitalization of over 214 million dollars.

3- TenX (PAY)
The week we left for TenX (PAY) was quite turbulent. Julian Hosp, the founder of the project and the CEO from the beginning, resigned in a sudden decision. This incident led to a decline in the value of crypto money. However, PAY has shown a significant recovery in recent days. Crypto money rose 110 percent in the last week. PAY, which changed hands at the beginning of the week from 0.17 dollars, is bought and sold in the morning on Sunday at $ 0.36.

4- Loopring (LRC)
Loopring (LRC) was another crypto in the top 100. At the beginning of the week, the LRC, worth $ 0.04, is now at $ 0.07 a day with an increase of over 70 percent. Crypto is one of the top 70 crypto money with a market value of over $ 54 million.

5- Power Ledger (POWR)
PowerPower (POWR) is the last of the 5 subcoins that earned the most money to investors last week. POWR saw an increase of 68 percent in 7 days. POWR, which is traded at $ 0.072 at the beginning of the week, is at 0.12 dollars in the morning on Sunday. POWR ranked 76th among the largest crypto coins with a market value of over $ 47 million.

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