Starbucks could accept payments with Bitcoin

Earlier this year, Starbucks could accept payments with Bitcoin, the crypto money community, the agenda of the bomb had fallen. Starbucks media reports denied these allegations after the media reported in August.

In recent days, rumors suggest that Starbucks will give its customers the opportunity to convert Bitcoin into US dollars instead of accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment in 2019. So the Starbucks will serve as the cryptocurrency ATM. It should also be noted that there are currently more than 4 thousand ATMs in the United States.

With approximately 27,000 stores worldwide, Starbucks hosts an average of 13 million customers per day. Considering the fact that 13 million people buy $ 5 coffee each, it turns out that Starbucks sells $ 70 million a day worldwide. This means about $ 25 billion per year. However, Bitcoin has not yet been adopted by a wide audience worldwide. People find Bitcoin confusing because it is very different from the nominal currencies that people use and store.

Let’s say that 1% of Starbucks customers buy coffee by converting Bitcoin to US dollars. This will lead to a $ 250 million increase and stability in the market capitalization of crypto coins. All of this will lead to greater adoption of crypto coins worldwide.

Starbucks and Microsoft’s business partners in the Intercontinental Exchange ICE Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt announced that it will be delayed in recent weeks . Bakt was expected to be launched on December 12th, but the platform has announced that it will postpone this date to January 24, 2019 in order to give its users more time. At the end of the futures transactions, users will close their positions with Bitcoin, not with the currencies.

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