Stolen Facebook accounts are available for sale

Stolen Facebook accounts are available for sale through the dark web.

Facebook was attacked on September 25, 2018, and nearly 50 million users were stolen. Stolen accounts of illegal data and products on the dark web where they are offered between 3-12 US dollars. Accounts are sold with digital currency bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Stolen data about the total value of $ 150-600 million is expressed.

The reason why the stolen accounts are high is to provide users with a combination of account information for each photo, correspondence, Messenger conversations and other transactions related to Fecebook.

Experts warn that stolen information is personal and that this information can be used by criminals to create fake accounts or blackmail Facebook users. It is also concerned that the finding of data from high numbers will attract other cyber criminals to this area and that similar attacks will increase in the coming days.

According to Dream Market, which measures the security of the product provider on the dark web, such as large legal trading sites, the source of the stolen accounts is quite reassuring. 
Facebook, who was done by the attack and the center has not been determined yet to explain the introduction of accounts on the dark web did not provide information about. Duyur We’re working hard to understand the details, we’ll announce it when we know more, ac said Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President.

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