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Surprise Change in the Role of Mining Giant Bitmain

Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain experienced significant changes in the upcoming IPO board.

Bitmain, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining company, has been experiencing turbulent days recently. According to local news sources, the board of directors of the company stated that there were some important developments before the upcoming IPO.

One of the giant companies in the field of crypto-money, which we can define as a new sector, which is publicly announced to public. The company’s board of directors experienced fundamental changes.

According to a news release released last week by the China-based news platform 8btc, four of the six executives on the board of Bitmain resigned from the board. These developments in the company based in Beijing found a wide place in the community.

Jihan Wu, the company’s founding partner, is among those who resigned. Wu had previously served as the executive director of the company’s board of directors, and will now continue as an auditor. However, significant changes are being made in Wu’s rights. According to 8btc, Jihan Wu no longer has the right to vote in his new position. A man named Zhan Ketuan was taken to the administrative position of Jihan Wu.

Jihan Wu is not the only one whose job has changed. Wu is accompanied by experienced staff such as former executives Zhao Yifeng, Ge Yuesheng and Zhou Feng. These names served the company in important missions such as board auditor and directorate.

The reasons for this change in the board of mining giant Bitmain have not been fully clarified yet. However, this change took place at a time when both Bitmain and the crypto money sector were critical.

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