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Swedish Crypto Money Investor Linus Dunker faces 1 Million Dollar Tax Debt

A Swiss crypto money investor faces a $ 1 million tax debt.

According to local press reports in Sweden, a crypto money investor has faced a tax debt of $ 1 million due to tens of thousands of transactions in 2014, a total of $ 2.9 million.

3 times its profit
Swedish media, the tens of thousands of crypto money in the last five years due to the transaction of $ 1 million in tax debts that appeared to be the debtor of the currency investor Linus Dunker took the agenda. Dunker, $ 1 million in tax debt of 3 times the profit claimed.

Absurd. I have to pay 30% of my profit, and I will pay 3 times. This shouldn’t be legal.

The unexpected increase in Dunker’s tax debt stems from the fact that the investor does not report the revenues from the crypto money. Thus, Dunker predicted that he would not pay taxes for the transactions. However, the transactions carried out by Dunker were taxed as commercial activities instead of individual activities. He said authorities from the Dunker Tax Office came to his house and noted a list of the things he owned:

There were a lot of people on the stairs. I remember they were four or five.

This is not the first
In November of last year, the young people who do not want to be announced in the crypto money market for $ 5 thousand because of the investment of $ 400 thousand in the face of tax debt we had announced . Young, with all of the money Coinbase Ethereum, and the successful operations of the crypto money portfolio thanks to the successful value of $ 880 thousand had managed to raise.

The purpose of crypto coins is to eliminate the limits and limitations, so any imposition on crypto coins can be described as nonsense Kr. What do you think about it? Should precious metals and crypto coins be exempt from income tax?

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