Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot unveiled its Bitcoin watch

Don’t say bitcoin time! You will see for the first time …

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot unveils his watch designed exclusively for Bitcoin. The company set the price of the watch at $ 25,000.

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot unveiled its Bitcoin watch, which it announced last month. The company celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th birthday with a very special Bitcoin-themed watch: BIG BANG MECA-10 P2P.

As you can imagine, new Bitcoin clocks can only be purchased using Bitcoin.

Each of the watches carries the identification number associated with Bitcoin transfer, while the blue leather strap offers a futuristic design inspired by Blockchain according to Hublot.

The price of the watch introduced by Hublot in Hong Kong is not officially announced. According to Bloomberg, however, the watch will be sold for $ 25,000. So you can get the time with 4 Bitcoins.

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