Counterfeit Bakkt Platform Established by Imitators

Counterfeit Bakkt Platform Established by Imitators

The fraudsters imitating the Bakkt platform tried to get investors’ money.

A person or a group is trying to attract investors to the trap of fraud by imitating the Bakkt platform and authorities. The original Bakkt powers announced that was not relevant to them.

Fake Bakkt Platform
E-mails were sent to many people yesterday by people who opened the counterfeit website. E-mail was sent by a gmail account (initially losing from here). In the e-mail, Bakkt platform will be opened on March 12, Bitcoin and fiat markets to be merged, the minimum contract amount of 1 BTC is the hypothetical statements.

E-mail also contains a link to There are articles on the page that everyone believes in the future of crypto coins. The platform aims at collecting $ 50 million, and this is a 2nd round fund raising session. It is also impossible to say that the platform, which indicates a very high platform guarantee ”return of 27.5%, is safe. So far, any of the fraudsters can not see their network (as of the moment the site is closed) can be seen by looking at the Bitcoin addresses.

Bakkt Platform
Two weeks ago, Bakkt announced the launch of new recruits. It was expected that Bakkt could be opened soon . Bakkt was given a date for the launch, then this date was postponed to 24 January. But so far, there was no sound from Bakkt. Bakkt’s corporate Bitcoin contracts for corporate investors are eagerly awaited since it was first announced. Some say that the end of the long-running bear season will be one of the biggest roles for institutional investors such as Bakkt.

Bakkt’s comment from the CEO of Binance: They’re not stupid

Bakkt’s comment from the CEO of Binance: They’re not stupid

Bakkt closed 2018 with $ 182.5 million in funding from corporate investors. Binance CEO CZ is on the topic “They are not stupid.” said.

2018 was pretty hard for the crypto coins. The total market value, which declined to $ 100 billion in December, currently stands at around $ 132 billion. However, many analysts are evaluating this decline in cryptocurrencies temporarily, as more and more institutional investors are entering the crypto-money world.

Bakkt , the Intercontinental Exchange crypto-money platform, closed 2018 with a $ 182.5 million funding from a number of key corporate investors.

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said on December 31st that the Boston Consulting Group, CMT Digitali Eagle Seven, Galaxy Digital, Goldfinch Partners, Alan Howard, Horizons Ventures, Intercontinental Exchange, Microsoft’s Venture Capital M12, Pantera Capital, Naspers’ The financial technology arm, PayU and Protocol Ventures, has announced that it is investing in the company.

Because crypto coins were volatile, traditional institutions were cautious about these digital assets and did not show much interest. However, in 2018, the number of large investor companies, as well as high profile investors who invested in this field, increased significantly.

The growing interest of large investors in digital assets can help to support digital assets and bring more stability to the market.

In addition, Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, claimed that more institutional investors would enter the market in the first and second quarters of 2019 and the bull would begin.

Newly Disclosed for the Bakkt Expectations, When Will the Transactions Start?

Newly Disclosed for the Bakkt Expectations, When Will the Transactions Start?

Newly Disclosed for the Bakkt Expectations, When Will the Transactions Start? A new statement was made about when Bakkt, one of the most talked about platforms, will start.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has released a new announcement about the highly anticipated platform Bakkt. According to the announcement made on the last day of 2018, Bakkt Bitcoin (BTC) clearly states that the start-up date of the futures contracts will be in the first months of 2019.
The editor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the much-spoken digital asset platform, Bakkt’s founder, ICE, is the author of the crypto money users. As it is known, the start of Bakkt, which was mentioned by the users, was postponed. According to ICE’s latest announcement, the start of the platform may take place in early 2019.

It is clearly stated in the paper that ICE has held meetings with organizations such as the US Commodity Futures Commission (CFTC) and pointed out that Bakkt will start BTC futures contracts early in the year. Thus, the allegations previously raised were solidified. According to these allegations, it was stated that the date of January 24, 2019 was aimed for Baktt to start its operations.

The information given by ICE includes details of the futures contracts of Bakkt:

Baktt Bitcoin Daily Trading Contracts are daily futures contracts arranged for Bitcoins held in Bakkt stocks and exchanged by ICE Clearing US. Each futures contract is based on a bitcoin to be kept in Bakkt stocks and traded on US dollar terms.

Bakkt, who is said to be active with the support of giant organizations like Microsoft, has the potential to contribute greatly to the development of the sector according to many experts. The platform, which completed the first funding round, was said to have collected a total of 182.5 million dollars from 12 partners and investors.

Why is Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Different From Others?

Why is Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Different From Others?

Bakkt expects regulatory approval for futures.

The Bitcoin futures market will be offered by Bakkt, ICE. Bakkt is now awaiting approval from the regulators.
So what distinguishes Bakkt from other futures markets? The existing Bitcoin futures transactions presented by CME and CBOE are traded in the currency transactions. So the contracts are not made with Bitcoin, but with dollars. Given the limited supply of CME and CBOE contracts, the impact of these futures transactions on the Bitcoin price is quite low.

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said that contracts with nominal money had some advantages, but physically stated that making contracts with Bitcoin would contribute greatly to the infrastructure of Bitcoin. Loeffler added that they want to create a comfortable environment for investors.

The physical delivery of the bitcoins will be guaranteed by Bakkt, thus ensuring the oversight of crypto values. Bitcoin price may be affected a bit after starting Bakkt in January according to demand for values and transaction intensity on stock exchange.

Since the ICE CFTC is registered in the United States, it is able to offer its contracts to corporations without CFTC approval. However, since the Bitcoin market is structurally different, the CFTC needs to be fully approved in this emerging market. ICE cannot begin operations if CFTC approval is not received.

Bakkt is expected to begin operations on January 24, 2019. If the company receives CFTC approval at the beginning of January, Bakkt ring may open futures transactions earlier. Potentially, the effect of Bitcoin on ETF is still a matter of curiosity. Sometimes, the market may need excuses for exits or landings. ETF or Bakkt may be the ones that can ignite the fuse.

Loeffler and Sprecher Spoke About Bakkt

Loeffler and Sprecher Spoke About Bakkt

We listen to the Bakkt platform, which all the crypto money world is waiting for with curiosity.

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler and Intercontinental Exchange President Jeff Sprecher and Michael Casey recently spoke at the Coinform’s Invest Conference event. This chat was shared with crypto money enthusiasts yesterday through a podcast.
The two executives already had an in-depth conversation on their plans for the Bakkt platform, which made the job very different, and explained why they initially focused only on Bitcoin.

Will Bakkt’s federally organized price discovery be good for Bitcoin?
The conversation between Loeffler, Sprecher and Casey starts with a simple question: Is the price important to you?

Loeffler firstly said that the pricing of digital assets made little difference, and gave promising statements especially about the current bearish market:

When I look at what we want to do with Bakkt by thinking about today’s headline and what the people in this field do, I say Yes!

Both Loeffler and Sprecher argue that the most important thing Bakkt will bring to crypto coins is to organize a price discovery for the first time. Sprecher stated that the main focus of the platform was the subject:

We develop systems in which there are transparent and sufficient price discoveries.

Besides, Loeffler said that institutions needed “certainty” before they entered the world of crypto money . He said that Bakkt had set out for this purpose and that what he wanted to achieve was full compliance with the regulatory rules at the federal level.

In addition, as another reason why the ICE network is safer than other institutions, it will have a method of price-free exploration olarak Bitcoin is the only crypto-money that is accepted as a commodity by the US government. it will be.

So, what is the difference between Bakkt and others?
Loeffler talked about what differences Bakkt had with other stock exchanges or financial institutions such as CBOE and CME.

As ICE, we are the largest stock exchange operator in the world. We run a dozen exchanges from America to Europe, from Asia to Canada. So we are in touch with the biggest investors of all asset classes from all over the world.

The Bakkt platform will use its own clearing center, he adds. It is expected that there will be less leverage risk as everything will be fully pre-funded.

Bakkt Start Date Postponed

Intercontinental Exchange ICE Bitcoin futures platform postponed Bakkt’s launch date.

According to the announcement of the company’s blog, Bakkt will be launched on 24 January 2019. Futures and physical Bitcoin contracts will start on this date at the same time. The platform announced that the decision to postpone was taken to give users more time. In addition, new add-ons will be done before the start of the management board said.

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler talked about the factors that caused the delay. Stating that the interest is quite intense, Loeffler said that they needed more time to put all the pieces into place. The CEO added,

When we add new products to our platform, we need to evaluate the risks that come with these products. Tests and retesting. Since crypto coins are a new value class, new resources must be added. So we decided that it would be logical to update our road map.

Bakkt was previously scheduled to start on 12 December. The new start date may still depend on the state of the regulations. The platform has not yet been approved by the regulators. The Bakkt platform plans to offer physically signed Bitcoin futures. At the end of the contracts, the investors will receive Bitcoin instead of the nominal currency. The platform aims to offer Bitcoin futures as well as other products.

We will share the details in the coming weeks. We have our insurances for Bitcoin, our cold wallets are ready and we rely on our safety structure. Our ultimate goal is to provide service at the corporate level.

Bakkt has announced that they are working with BCG, Microsoft and Starbucks for product improvements. These companies will help both the customer experience and risk management.

What will be the effect of Fidelity and Bakkt on Bitcoin?

What will be the effect of Fidelity and Bakkt on Bitcoin?

Dan Morehead, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, the largest crypto-money investment company, spoke about the Bitcoin ETF and Fidelity and Bakkt developments.

Dan Morehead, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, one of the largest investment companies in the crypto currency field, spoke at the Institutional Crypto conference in New York, organized by Bloomberg.

Morehead, in his speech here, also touched on Bitcoin ETF. Explaining his thoughts on Bitcoin ETF, Morehead said that he had not seen ETFs as the next milestone for Bitcoin. Although copper was an element of 8000 years, ETF approval lasted 3 years. SEC doesn’t want widows and orphans to buy Bitcoin ETFs. They don’t even know if Bitcoin is officially a security. That’s why I think an approved ETF will take years. Bu

Morehead said, “Five years from now, we will see them as events that bring a huge amount of capital to the sector. A very good enterprise storage / swap solution will force many people to take a look, and as I said before, this is a very viral thing, if you have to answer the question of your investment community, like yes or no in Blockchain, you’ll probably say yes . Land he said