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Bitcoin Cash Confession From Ripple Labs Manager

Yoshitaka Kitao, head of the SBI Holdings of the Japanese financial group and director of Ripple Labs; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will support in the first place, but due to hard fork, he confessed to give up this decision. Kitao’s Bitcoin Cash admission as follows: Coins that often go to hard forks are ridiculous. I was […]

This Time someone Said Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is

One of the developers of Bitcoin Cash suggested that the name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Original crypto-money All crypto enthusiasts know that the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto , the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) , is not certain. However, this issue sometimes leads to various debates and prominent claims. We shared with you the allegations that […]

BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin

BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin “ The anonymous person known as “Cobra” ruled that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was dying and the Bitcoin SV (BSV) was “worthless”. Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org’s unidentified creator, Cobra Bitcoin Cash, said that Bitcoin SV had gone down to death and Bitcoin SV was a “worthless shitcoin.” Cobra scored the tweet […]

Serious Problems with Bitcoin Cash

A BCH developer , who contributed to the infrastructure development of Bitcoin Cash, criticized ABC. Bitcoin Cash developer Bitcoin made serious claims about Bitcoin ABC. In combination with a few paragraphs, _unwriter underlined the following: • Bitcoin Cash for ABC hard fork rushed, as a result made mistakes unrecoverable. • Bitcoin stands out with its […]

BCH Fork Confuses New Investors

Digital Currency Group (DCG) founder Barry Silbert focused on the latest state of the crypto-currency industry and referred to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Blockchain entrepreneur Barry Silbert, one of the first crypto-money advocates, gave an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box ch program on crypto coins. Speaking about Bitcoin’s current price movements, Silbert said he was thinking about the BCH hard […]

Craig Wright: We got 51 percent in Bitcoin Cash

Craig Wright: We got 51 percent in Bitcoin Cash The name behind the Bitcoin SV prokotol has been Craig Wright, who claimed that the Bitcoin Cash has reached more than 51% of its mining power. Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, suggested that the Bitcoin Cash network , supported by more than 51% of the miners, supports […]