Scams Again on Twitter Accounts

Scams Again on Twitter Accounts

The scammers targeted the Belgian organization’s account.

The official Twitter account of a non-profit Belgian organization has been attacked, Cointelegraph reported today. The attackers accounted for Coinbase’s account.
The fraudsters targeted the official Twitter account of the Federation of Businesses in Belgium (FEB), a non-profit organization that considers the interests of Belgian businesses. After capturing FEB’s account, the scammers changed the account to appear linked to Coinbase. The account description was changed to ”Official Coinbase Promotion Account“ . In addition, the profile and cover image with Coinbase replacing fraudsters also added a link to the official site of the stock exchange.

However, fraudsters were unable to change the name of the account, VBOFEB, which is the combination of the abbreviation of the organization’s name in Dutch and French.

The promotional tweet shared by the scammers reminds me of a previously encountered method. According to the post, the followers have to make a small amount of shipments first to earn more im

The post shared with the followers was in honor of the fact that Coinbase’s user base would exceed the 30,000,000 figure and the users would be rewarded with a 3.00 BTC prize.

But there was a lot of proof that the sharing was done for fraud, the name of the identifier was different, it contained inconsistent numbers and it was full of grammatical errors. Specifically, the number of users was written as 30,000,000.

Ran Neuner, who hosted Crypto Trader at CNBC, announced in October that the number of user accounts of Coinbase, one of the largest crypto money exchanges in the world, reached 25 million and 600,000 users were active in the platform.

On the other hand, the first time on Twitter crypto money fraud is not experienced. Previously, Charlie Lee and Elon Musk, such as imitating or trying to try a few more frauds had happened.

Belgium Crypto Money Updated Blacklist

Belgium Crypto Money Updated Blacklist

The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Commission has updated its black list of crypto coins to raise awareness among investors.

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Commission (FSMA) has updated its black list of crypto-currencies. The updated blacklist includes 113 sites containing the risk of fraud for crypto coins.
The Commission said that despite the warnings of the past, they are still getting more complaints from investors. The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Commission claims that newly added platforms use crypto coins to defraud investors:

The rule is the same. The platforms claim that they have easy and safe earnings, and for this they have investment experts to manage your funds. Even though they say you can get your money back at any time, the victims never get their money.

The Financial Services and Markets Commission (FSMA) states that the black list is not comprehensive and is prepared only by considering the complaints of the victims. The Commission also advised investors to read the leaflets dated 22 February 2018 and 26 October 2018 to better understand the nature of such fraud. In October, the Financial Services and Markets Commission also included 28 new fraud schemes.

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Commission (FSMA) is one of the countries trying to protect investors through financial training. Similarly, the Chinese government also found in a study conducted last May that the 421 crypto currencies contained fraud.