Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is in everywhere!

Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is everywhere! Thousands of shops on the streets of France will now sell Bitcoin.

The rate of adoption of crypto coins is increasing day by day. Although the bear market last year has reduced the price of many crypto assets, there has been a significant increase in the number of places where this innovative asset class is used. Keplerk has contributed significantly to this ratio by allowing street buffets in France to sell Bitcoin (BTC).
France-based financial technology company Keplerk, a significant development for the crypto money ecosystem has signed a significant development. As we have already shared with CoinTurk readers , users will now be able to purchase Bitcoins from French street buffets.

In an interview with Reuters, co-founder Adil Zakhar noted the following comments:

Some people find it complicated to buy Bitcoin online. These users rely on buffets on their streets rather than relying on remote and anonymous web pages.

Working together with a local software developer, Keplerk offers a virtual cash register to member merchants. Thanks to this service, shop owners sell BTC vouchers to their customers. Customers can also translate these receipts to Bitcoin through their wallets at any time.

It was stated that the project will be implemented with the new year. Ethereumworldnews has already announced that six shops have already started to sell digital money, which is expected to reach 6500. Street buffets in France are regularly used by a large number of users. Bitcoin’s shelving in these shops will affect the future of the ecosystem quite well.

Weiss Ratings: XRP to beat Bitcoin

Weiss Ratings: XRP to beat Bitcoin

The rating company, Weiss Ratings, announced that the payment networks, such as XRP , are expected to outperform Bitcoin in the coming years in terms of market capitalization.

Payment networks tend to have a higher value than value stores. Therefore, we expect payment networks such as XRP to pass Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization in the coming years.

According to the latest data, the market capitalization of the XRP is just over $ 15 billion. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is about $ 71 billion. Under these circumstances, the XRP must gain 5 times the value of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Weiss Ratings said, X So far we have seen two flippening in this crypto-money rally (crossing the other of two competing crypto-currencies in terms of market capitalization): ETH passed the XRP and NEO passed the ETC. Yap We’ll see more as more and more projects are undermined by insignificant projects.

Russia will invest $ 10 billion in crypto money Bitcoin

Russia will invest $ 10 billion in crypto money Bitcoin

Russian instructor Vladislav Ginko, who has close ties with the Kremlin, said Russia would begin to convert some of its reserves to Bitcoin against new US sanctions.

A Russian university lecturer, who has a relationship with the government, said the Kremlin will soon begin investing a significant amount of money in Bitcoin to avoid new US sanctions. He also said such a move could take place within a few weeks.

’10 billion in the first quarter’
Ginko said, in The real factor for Bitcoin adaptation will be when the Russian government, where I work, has started to convert its almost $ 470 billion reserve into Bitcoin. I expect them to invest at least $ 10 billion in the first quarter of this year.

Russian National Economy and the Presidential Academy of Public Administration Vladislav employees Ginko, Russia believes that the new US sanctions push to diversify with Bitcoin cash reserves.

Ginko’s relationship with the government dates back more than 20 years. Ginko also recently appeared on various Russian media platforms and talks about the adoption of Bitcoin as a safe haven.

Ginko said about the subject:

Ilebilir US sanctions can only be mitigated by the use of Bitcoin. Due to US sanctions, the Russian elites are forced to invest heavily in Bitcoin, leaving the US dollar. The Central Bank of Russia is currently controlling a reserve of $ 466 billion and has to diversify these reserves so as not to be in a difficult situation in the event of limited opportunities in the future.

Reducing the dollar dependency
With Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela are looking for ways to reduce dependence on the US dollar. In November 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had no choice but to reduce the use of dollars in international trade in the face of new sanctions.

Putin also said the following:

“We don’t have a goal to move away from the dollar. Dollar is moving away from us. Those who make such decisions do not squeeze on their own feet, and squeeze them into a more sensitive area on the upper part of the body.

If the Russian government and the Russian elite invest significantly in Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin may experience a sudden rise. As a result of the devaluation in Beijing, the arrival of Chinese citizens to Bitcoin brought such an increase in 2018.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is stocking gold as a shield against economic sanctions. As economic rivalries continued with the US, by August 2018, Russia had tripled its gold reserves.

The Kremlin also establishes close economic relations with China to develop a payment system independent of the dollar.

Be careful “Guaranteed Return Promises”  When Investing

Be careful “Guaranteed Return Promises” When Investing

Since the crypto money area is still very new and the regulations are not yet clear, we need to be careful when investing.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has long sought to inform potential investors about investor fraud.
The Commission warns of some points that it calls yapıy red flags ecek and that can protect investors from fraud. “Red flag” point between the most notable “promises of guaranteed returns” is happening .

A new report in Hong Kong reveals why investors should stay away from at guaranteed return promises Hong . Moreover, according to the report, even if these promises came from experts who had previously been Bitcoin billionaires, it is necessary to investigate very well before investing.

Bitcoin billionaire accused of defeating Hong Kong investors
The Wong Ching-kit, known as Hong Kong’s crypto money investor, has been having quite a hard time recently. Because investors in the region claim that the crypto millionaire has swindled them with 3 million Hong Kong dollars (HKD) through their mining investment.

Four investors are demanding full payback from Wong, each from 20,000 HKD to 1 million HKD. In addition, the police claim that with Wong, ten people have fraudulently committed 9,500 HKD.

Damaged investors say Wong has sold them special equipment designed for the mining of a cryptocurrency called Filecoin. In addition, investors are promised to make a profit from their investments in three months.

Trusting this promise, the investor says that while they are trying to get back their winnings, they are lured by Wong and the time has been extended with different excuses. Wong responded to the allegations via Facebook, saying , “They don’t thank them when they make money, but when they lose money, they call it fraud .”

The “red flag points should be considered more carefully
As for why investors believe in Wong… Wong made a 24-year-old investment in crypto money and became a millionaire. To announce that the “Mr. Coin “ or ” Coin Young Master in . Then he became quite famous.

When we look at this event, we see once again the necessity of very good research when making any investment in the new crypto-money field. In particular, it is necessary to do research not only once but in the areas where warnings are made. Because when people see the winners of easy money by chance, they think the same thing applies to them. If you are new to investment, the most common mistakes can be found here .

Bitcoin Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Bitcoin was relatively quiet last week, and close to the week close to the market excited. Bitcoin, which started at $ 3980 (BITFINEX) next week, rose 5% after closing at $ 4180. H Let’s continue examining the technical events that have occurred in the amnesty.

Bitcoin had closed the previous week above L3 ($ 3900) . The sales pressure that came with the opening this week led to the L3 ($ 3900) downturn . However, on Tuesday, we see that the L3 ($ 3900) level is broken up again. After the breakdown, this level worked as a support throughout the week. When we arrive on Sunday, we see an upward movement with incoming purchases. With this movement T1 and T2I have updated my trends. When we look at the RSI indicator, we see that the value moves from the horizontal and starts to move upwards. On the volume side, we can say that the whole week has been weak. However, the bar on Sunday is higher than the week average. As a result of these developments, let us pass.

Bitcoin entered 2019 from $ 3800 . We hope that this is our lowest level this year. What position and what do we follow in the first week of 2019? As I mentioned in my previous analysis, we have followed the formation of TOBO formation which is the trend return formation in Bitcoin. In addition, we have drawn up the short-term rising channel by drawing and updating T1 and T2 trends. For the current situation, the formation of the right omu region for the TOBO formation is still continuing. $ 3680the right shoulder formation as long as the level is not broken down. As the formation of the right shoulder continues, I am positive that the RSI indicator is in the rising trend, as I mentioned in the first chart. However, if the right shoulder formation process is prolonged with maturity, it may be necessary to reassess the appearance. The important resistance zone of the TOBO formation is G ($ 4450) . With this level up, F ($ 4900) and E ($ 5400) levels will be raised for the medium term . We cannot know if the market maker moves the market in this direction. For this reason, it will be necessary to follow our support zones and keep our stoploss strategy active. L2 ($ 3600) if the market turns downlevel should be followed as important support zone. Because I believe that the sales pressure will increase below this level. This will pave the way for the retesting of the latest bottom area. When we come to the volume side, I can’t say I’m very pleased with the look. This is because there is no significant increase in volume with the upward movement. This gives us an idea that there is no serious demand in the market. Therefore, I think that one should be more careful in the market with low volume.

The information, comments and evaluations contained herein are not within the scope of Investment Consultancy (Date of analysis: 07.01.2019)

How to Tell a Coin is a Scam Coin

How to Tell a Coin is a Scam Coin

Crypto coins, which are developed for scam and money making and are collected in the market, are called SCAM COIN. Such coins are highly valued and advertised and promoted. For a while, the prices are inflated and coins are tried to find a place in the stock market. The developers of Scam coins allocate most of the coins before the coins are released. These pre-stocked coins, called edil premined el, are gradually disposed of by the developers as they gain value and a loaded income is generated by this method. To the list of scam coins published at the end of 2018approximately 500 coins were removed from the transaction. As an example, in 2018, Vitro coin scam coin was understood to be one of the first examples of coin scams.

One of the biggest reasons why crypto coins are seen as attractive by investors and users is that they do not have a center, they are independent. Crypto coins are not accepted by States because they are not already under control. The fact that the coins do not have the center and the independence of the investors may be a little frightened, but the big co- stock exchangesTo know that the equivalent of that investor gives confidence. Factors such as future projects of crypto coins, exchange in stock exchanges, knowledge of the developers, help us to get an idea of whether that coin is a scam coin. Before a coine investment is made, the coin must be thoroughly investigated and made sure that it is not scam coin. Otherwise, all of your money can be wasted and the crypto-money system is an independent, decentralized, untraceable system, so you don’t have a chance to apply to a legal authority.

Scam coin keyboard

Understanding That A Coin Is Scam Coin
Although scam coins try to convince the investor and attract investment, some signs may indicate that the coins are scam coins.

1-Although the crypto coins are predominantly used for investment purposes, the main purpose of a crypto money should not be merely investing. All coins that have made a name and trust have also offered different projects such as ease of payment, transfer types and transfer rates. If a coin addresses investors to raise money instead of users that can be accessed with such projects, it is most likely scam co. In fact, scam coins are merely a means of investment, they are worthless, or they may suddenly lose value without any reason. In short, a project that considers coins not as an investment tool but as a means of payment is far from being a scam coin.

2- Bitcoin accepted sub-coins are all open source software. Everyone can access the source code. Scam coins are not open a lot of time source code. Instead of presenting the codes of the system, they want to paint by offering the operation and the best aspects of the system. The coins in this type of tactic are also scam coins.

3-Coin mining process is to maintain the continuity of that coin network and to meet the needs such as transfers in the network. The provision of such transactions by the platform where the coin is located increases the trust in the coine. If a coin has operations such as cloud mining , it means that the member gets a new member and gets a percentage share. The new sub-members are called ponzi scheme and this is a complete scam coin example.

4-It is very important to know the developers of the crypto coins and their team. Knowing who these people are, and their reliability, is an important element in the security that will be heard. Scam coins usually give this kind of information superficial or very limited.

5-Bitcoin Investing Packages (BIP), so-called bitcoin investment packages, these systems are promised to obtain a continuous coin with very little payment. As the number of new members increases, new coins come, but when the number of new members decreases and stops, the payment system stops. And in the first place the paid money is reset. Coins that offer such processes are also examples of scam coins.

It is very important in the eyes of investors to find a community of 6 coins, exchange ideas and discuss projects to develop. Such communities help increase confidence in coine. If a coin does not have active community groups, it is likely to be a scam coin if it does not share projects and development.

The above points are common features of scam coins. Some have all the features and some have only one. In that respect, it would be beneficial to research the coins before making an investment in terms of the right investment strategy.

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin made investors laugh at the last day of the week.

Bitcoin increased $ 200 in 15 minutes and surpassed $ 4,100. At the same time, it has reached this level for the first time since December 24, when the $ 4,300 passed, that is, the last two weeks.
According to CoinMarketCap, our Bitcoin news is currently trading at $ 4,080 a day with an increase of 5,27%. The cause of this sudden rise in Bitcoin is not yet known. While celebrating a cut in social media, some investors suspect a whale has decided to stock up on BTC. Bitcoin’s market value increased by $ 71 billion. The positive weather in Bitcoin was also reflected in the overall market, and the market value of crypto coins rose to $ 138 billion, with the greening of altcoins.

The most noticeable increase is seen in Litecoin. Litecoin is currently trading at $ 39.46, an increase of over 11%. Litecoin increased by 10% to $ 8.68, followed by NEO. Crypto coins in the Top 100 have a daily average gain of 5%.

So, do the price increases mean that bulls are slowly preparing for jogging? Some of the analysts predict that the 2019 forecast is that the bulls will dominate the market. However, some analysts are making some more cautious predictions. We can give Willy Woo an example to these analysts. Woo believes the bear market will continue to exist for a while despite the volume boom. Woo’s comments about the market can be read from this news .

eToro’s senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, said: e It’s good to see Bitcoin over $ 4,000 again. But the big test is $ 5,000

”Cash money will be replaced, Bitcoin will replace cash money“

”Cash money will be replaced, Bitcoin will replace cash money“

”Cash money will be replaced, Bitcoin will replace cash money“ BitMEX celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th birthday with a newspaper ad, and Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes wrote a bit about Bitcoin.

In the third year of Bitcoin, CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitmeX, wrote an article for British newspaper readers. In the article published in The Times, Hayes declared that Bitcoin was Bit new cash.
On the front page of the issue, the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin is celebrated as follows: Thanks Satoshi, we owe it to you. 10th birthday happy Bitcoin. Hayes is predicting the future of cash in the article “much more closely than you think”. Hayes:

Governments will lose their cash money while looking for ways to digitize their economies and learn more about their citizens than ever before. You won’t have a choice of cash money for privacy much closer than you think, or for anything else.

And civilian citizens will begin to appreciate the value of Bitcoin’s inherent value, because the ability to cautiously store and transfer cash would be eliminated when it comes to history.

Bitcoin is still an experiment. However, during the 10-year period of operation – software history has officially presented the biggest “bug award boyunca – not hacked. Bitcoin; an incredible achievement of completely different civilian individuals working together for a common purpose.

In the simplest terms, Bitcoin states that ın perhaps society is the best in a special electronic money form of hope ‘.

Confidentiality, I think, is an important part of a well-functioning society. For moral and even psychological reasons, some details about their lives are only the right of citizens to know themselves.

2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018, which we left behind, upset most investors.

Although traditional stock markets and crypto money markets have almost no common ground, they have had a difficult 2018 in the two markets, and both markets are hoping that 2019 will be very different.
Both markets have had a difficult year in terms of prices, but experts say these prices are temporary. Therefore, investors who have been lost due to recent fluctuations think that 2019 will be very profitable.

At this time last year there was a bull race in which the general market values saw a level of $ 830 billion. From this point onwards, the market started to decline during 2018. In December 2018, the value of the crypto money market has fallen to 100 billion and currently stands at around $ 126 billion.

On the other hand, Bitcoin, which pioneered the performance of the market in general, first experienced a decline in December 17. The Bitcoin value of up to $ 20,000 fell sharply to $ 7,300. From this point on, a more stable image is drawn, but the price has moved down continuously.

In addition, Bitcoin’s fall began in mid-December, but the fall of other crypto coins found the beginning of January. For example, the XRP, which rose to $ 3.75 on January 3, fell to $ 0.60 on February 6th. Already here all the subcoins started following Bitcoin and almost all of them fell during 2018.

Traditional exchanges also had a difficult year
Although the traditional markets did not experience a significant 90% decline as the crypto money market experienced, the traditional stock markets also closed the year with a bad note. Increased commercial tensions between the US and China, the Fed’s interest rates and Brexit concerns have also damaged the traditional market.

Despite the fact that many investors expect more losses from the traditional markets in 2019, John Stoltzfus, chief investment strategist of Oppenheimer Asset Management, said that 2019 was a positive surprise for stock investors.

Is Bitcoin’s Success Connected to Centrality?

Is Bitcoin’s Success Connected to Centrality?

Is Bitcoin’s Success Connected to Centrality? Jimmy Song pointed out that Bitcoin was leaving the subcoins because of decentralization.

The comparison of Bitcoin and Altcoins changed considerably throughout 2018. According to Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, Bitcoin has set himself apart from others. As Bitcoin is a destructive force, it has had a high volatility year after year.
Song is one of the strictest advocates of Bitcoin decentralization. Also very active in social media, Song, Bitcoin maximalistlerinin defended in 2018, they argued. In summary ” Bitcoin different because decentralized. The benefits of decentralization are often hidden and overlooked, but they are real benefits. ”Used the expressions.

The poor performance of ICOs during 2018 was criticized by many sources. Song is collecting large amounts of money, but few of the projects began to be developed. In 2017 only $ 20 billion was collected, almost twice as much as the previous year. Song product offering projects are less, he added. The disagreement between fund collection and product success stems from the centralized way of working:

The situation we saw in 2018 was that more developer activity was not good for the market. In the meantime, Bitcoin has developed features that are really used, not just visible improvements, as in subcoins.

The Song forecast market cited the example of Augur. Augur was among the most successful of the ICO field, but the platform is currently seeing an average of 25 users per day. A counter-view of the ICOs came from the CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, who said that in 18 months ICOs would be reborn. In another interview Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb Yahoo! Finance said it could attract financial institutions to Bitcoin futures.