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US Officials Seize $ 200,000 Bitcoin!

Federal agents arrested darknet drug dealers and seized $ 200,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC). US officials have encountered an interesting incident in operation held against a drug manufacturer and seller and the continuation of operations $ 200,000 equivalent Bitcoin (BTC) confiscated. The operation, which was first organized as a drug dealer raid, then reached a […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Where is the price of bitcoin going. Will it fall? Take it off? What’s his target? June 2019. The move, which started in recent weeks, made a correction as we expected and broke into the Bollinger Band’s top band downwards , entering the Bollinger Band with June 9, 2019 . However, this correction did not […]

Unhealthy upsurge in Bitcoin may make investors harder

Digital Transformation Association President Ismail Hakki Polat, over the last 1.5 months, said that the bitcoin exceeds 8 thousand dollars, “Magic hands, bitcoin and some of the coins to increase the speed of crypto coins and bitcoin exceeds 10 thousand dollars, then we can see a sharper output, but this unhealthy rise, then it can […]

You can now Shopping from Amazon with Bitcoin!

It is now possible to shop from Amazon with Bitcoin. Leading crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC) was first used to get something from the real world by a user named Laszlo to get two pizzas first . Since then, however, the ecosystem has changed tremendously, making it possible to shop on Bitcoin using the Lightning Network […]

Bitcoin on the rise, the bull market has started?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) increased by 8% in one day to exceed $ 3,600, bringing the bull market back to the agenda. Crypto coins leader Bitcoin (BTC) completed Friday ( February 8th ) with a significant increase of about 8%. Altcoins in the market at higher rates followed by Bitcoin bull market expected to […]