What is required for the growth of the crypto money market?

What is required for the growth of the crypto money market?

According to the chairman of the Korea Finance Corporation, custody needs to be improved in order for the crypto coins to rise.

The head of the Korean Finance Corporation, Gong-pil Choi, made statements about the crypto coins. Linking the growth of crypto coins to the development of storage services, Choi has interesting facts. According to Choi, the market needs to be protected from risks such as cyber attacks in order to advance the market.
The Korea Finance Corporation can be defined as an institution that investigates and evaluates financial policies to strengthen the financial situation of the country. The company, which is known to act with the government, has recently made statements about crypto coins. President Gong-pil Choi in his statements on the management of Bitcoin open addresses and other issues related to crypto money wallets. Choi argued that the current wallets are burdensome and difficult for ordinary investors.

Storage services in the key role
Brokers and asset managers offer their users the service to store traditional assets because having an asset brings along various risks. It is obvious that such risks are also present in the crypto-currency area.

In his statements, President Choi says the preservation of crypto-money can make a big boom in the short term. According to Choi, investors will be looking for ways to invest in regular and safe ways for this asset class, which continues to rise.

Huge companies in the crypto-money area are also aware of the fact that Choi is expressing. As it is known, Coinbase has rolled up its sleeves to provide reliable storage services to its users. The US-based giant stock market is looking for ways to provide custody services for both individual users and institutional investors.

Are Crypto Coins Prepared for Bull Run?

Are Crypto Coins Prepared for Bull Run?

In 2018, the crypto money market failed to meet the high expectations of investors. However, in these days when we are preparing to enter 2019, the market has started to give some signs of life.
Market capitalization of crypto coins managed to find support at $ 100 billion last week following the sharp declines in recent months. After the volatile rise, the total value of the crypto money market has increased to $ 139 billion. This huge increase in the crypto money market has not been experienced since April 2018. For this reason, the prospects for the market of crypto money investors began to regenerate. Just like crypto coins.

The wave of a wave that started on Monday morning continued later. Market capitalization of crypto coins increased by 10% to $ 143 billion in hours. This is a sign that crypto money traders are back on the market and started buying. It is also useful to not be deceived by these rises. Because in 2018, the crypto money market lost about 87% and lost more than $ 650 billion.

Popular crypto currencies naturally gained very significant gains with the upward trend. The XRP, developed by Ripple Labs, was trading at $ 0.39 with an increase of 10% at the time our news was prepared. Ethereum was another crypto money that attracted the most attention outside the XRP. Ethereum, the highest level of the year, which is considered the highest level of $ 1,400 down to $ 100 regressed and CoinMarketCap ranked second in the ranking of the biggest competitor, XRP had lost. However, Ethereum said, ini we still have a lot of work to do, ”and with the upswing, the $ 100 surpassed its resistance very strongly. At the time of the Ethereum news, it was traded at $ 132.

Besides, it is too early to think that the crypto money market has begun its bull race. First of all, we have to wait for Bitcoin to break the $ 4,500 resistance. Even though the investors of the crypto money have been relieved a bit with the recent rises, there is a long way to go before the crypto money market returns to its level a few months ago.

Crypto coins in 10 questions

Crypto coins in 10 questions

I have compiled what you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins, which are the recent economic trend.

With the increase in value gained in 2017, crypto coins, which broke the memorization in the economy markets and became a new area, have been the dream of those who want to be rich in the recent times. Therefore, the number of questions about crypto coins also increased. All you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins.

What Does Crypto Money Mean?

Crypto and currency (currency) words created by the combination of this term, encrypted money. There is no centralized institution where these funds are produced or controlled, and the money is generated over the internet. Digitally encoded and coded coins are recorded by blockchain method.

How and How to Produce?

The mechanism that determines the amount of production of crypto coins is the consumer. These funds are produced and sold according to demand and balance. Firstly, these coins started to be produced in 2008 and they are produced by the algorithms of the software. The money produced is stored in electronic wallets.

How are the transactions recorded?

The head of the software that manages this currency comes from the blockchain. This software, which means block chain, performs many basic operations such as production, sale and operation of crypto coins. The network security is also provided by this blocking system for the money received and sold anonymously.

Who Can Produce Crypto Money?

In theory it can be said that everyone can generate crypto money on everyone’s computer, but it is necessary to apply “mining” technique very quickly. The production mechanism of these coins is in the hands of Chinese companies. The software in the hands of these companies, the individual does not be able to do more and quick mining. It is more preferable to get ready for personal production.

Where are Crypto Coins Stored?

Coins stored in the Blockchain network can be controlled via personal digital wallets. Wallet information is written to the network called public key. You can manage your wallets with software like Exodus. If you want to keep your money in a safe way, you need to keep your private key information, not share it with anyone, and get your money from reliable sources.

Is There Physical Reserve?

It is not possible to use crypto coins as concrete or banknotes. But this money has a currency like euro or dollar and you can cash your crypto money at any time.

How Many Pieces Has Crypto Currency?

New crypto currencies appear almost every day . In addition to brands such as Bitcoin , Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, there are more than 1500 crypto currencies.

How Reliable?

While the crypto currency has a solid firewall, some errors can occur due to its anonymous feature and human factor.

Is it Legal or Illegal?

Although crypto coins are banned by some countries, they are free to use in countries such as the USA, China, Japan. But it can also be used illegally because of money laundering and illegal transfer.

How Much is a Crypto Money Buying Value?

The value of crypto coins can undergo rapid changes depending on different elements.