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2018’s Distracting Heads and Hard Drops

2018 was a year when the regulators put their weight on. Bitcoin experienced hard turbulence over the years. Developments by both countries and businesses have led to a few sudden drops. First of all, it is important to note that not all news of price movements are news. Nevertheless, the harmony between prices and news […]

Crypto money mining continues to grow rapidly

Crypto money mining continues to grow rapidly! McAfee researchers; he analyzed the trend of malicious crypto mining software, Windows 10 Cortana vulnerabilities, blockchain attack vectors, mobile billing fraud practices and exploitability features. McAfee , a cyber security company that offers a wide range of services, from devices to cloud computing , today released the McAfee Labs Threat Report: September 2018. The report examines […]

Crypto coins in 10 questions

I have compiled what you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins, which are the recent economic trend. With the increase in value gained in 2017, crypto coins, which broke the memorization in the economy markets and became a new area, have been the dream of those who want to be rich […]