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Is ETH Coming to Amazon?

Two blockchain startup companies plan to bring Ethereum (ETH) payments to Amazon. Based on the total market value of the world’s second largest crypto currency Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin ‘s (BTC) output during the pause in the rise in recent days and re-launched the rally towards $ 300. Ethereum, Coming to the Amazon! Although there is […]

Technical Analysis of Ethereum 03.06.2019

Ethereum price as of the beginning of 2019 by following the bitcoin price has risen. As in his earlier moves during this ascension process, Bitcoin made similar moves on May 14, 2019, following the breaking of the upper band of the 200-day Bolinger Band on May 11, 2019 at daily prices. In the last 15-20 […]

Ethereum dropped to $ 0.03 in Binance

Tuesday’s crypto money exchange In Binance, Ether’s price was suddenly down to $ 0.03, at 2355 ETH.Binance is one of the largest crypto money exchanges with trading volume on Tuesday.Ether touched $ 180 during the day, the price of 16.00 ETH / TUSD process suddenly withdrew up to $ 0.03 in the pair. ether immediately […]

The Ethereum Add-in has a Privacy Issue

The Ethereum scanner wallet was the focus of the Metamask debate. The most widely used Ethereum (ETH) browser plug-in Metamask has been found to share the user’s ETH address in the factory settings. Github had a shipment on the subject . Metamask Privacy Problem Metamask is compatible with Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera […]

Ethereum trying to get over $ 100

Ethereum is struggling to stay over $ 100. All eyes are on Ethereum. Because he’s pushing the bottom of the $ 100 limit more and more forcefully. In the meantime, Bitcoin has crossed the $ 3,400 threshold for a short time. Many accounts think that Bitcoin is working on testing the $ 3,000 limit, which […]

$ 60 million ICO from the founding partner of Ethereum

Polkadot, the crypto-money company formed by Gavin Wood, one of the three founders of Ethereum, plans to buy a $ 60 million investment through the ICO. The Wall Street Journal reported that the crypto-money company Polkadot (DOT), a co-founder of Ethereum ‘s founding partner Gavin Wood, aims to raise $ 60 million in funds through […]