A New Crypto Money Added to eToro Stock Exchange

A New Crypto Money Added to eToro Stock Exchange

The world-famous eToro stock exchange added ZCash as the 14th crypto money.

The crypto money exchange added eToro ZCash to its platform. Thus ZCash became the 14th crypto money on the stock market.

eToro’s ZCash Move
While the crypto money market is growing, investors’ needs and demands are increasing. In order to meet this growing demand, companies should do their best and expand the offer pool to win new customers , as well as protect their existing customers . According to Coinspeaker, eToro , the social trading platform with over 10 million users , did exactly this and increased the number of crypto money it served to 14 with ZCash. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, NEO, EOS, Cardano, IOTA and BNB.

Why ZCash?
ZCash, the central-free payment platform, is separated from the other crypto coins with its extra privacy option . Due to this rare feature, some sources see ZCash as Bitcoin’s true competitor . ZCash was founded in 2016 under the leadership of Matthew D. Green , a cryptographer from Johns Hopkins University . You can browse through our link to ZCash .

The ZCash network attracts investors by offering two types of trading options. The first choice is completely transparent . In this case, transactions on the ZCash network are no different from the operations in networks like Bitcoin. Other options in the network operations ” can be preserved .” So the recipient, sender, information such as the amount of payment kept secret and can not be viewed by the public Blockchain access. This feature seems to have attracted the attention of eToro , and the stock market set the 14th lucky crypto as ZCash.

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

‘At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin’
Yoni Assia, the CEO of the social trading platform eToro, made predictions for the future in a Bitcoin event in Israel.

One of the hottest topics within the crypto money community is whether it will be effective on a Bitcoin ETF’s potential approval and crypto money markets.

In 2018, there was nothing positive about ETF. A number of Bitcoin ETF applications, including those of the famous Facebook twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were rejected last year.

Currently, there is the application of SolidX with VanEck, who is eagerly awaiting the approval of everyone at the SEC’s desk. The Commission postponed the decision on the application several times and the deadline for it to take a decision in February 2019 February.

According to Yoni Assia, CEO of the social trading platform eToro, a crypto-money ETF will not be lit in the near future . Speaking at Israel’s Bitcoin Summit, Assia shared his views on the current state of the crypto money market and the possibility of an ETF being approved.

Assia, “in January 2018” crypto is a balloon, and people will lose their money, “said those who are smart people in the room, because they are right. They do not encourage any ETF approval, so I think the ETF approval will take some time.

‘At least one country will go bankrupt in 5 years’
Assia also said that at least one country will go bankrupt and that it will lead people to flock to Bitcoin. eToro’s CEO said:In the next five years, we cannot see at least one country where people flock to Bitcoin. All banks in this country will go bankrupt and the government will have no chance of reviving the banking system, because there will be no need for local money or the local bank anymore.

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin made investors laugh at the last day of the week.

Bitcoin increased $ 200 in 15 minutes and surpassed $ 4,100. At the same time, it has reached this level for the first time since December 24, when the $ 4,300 passed, that is, the last two weeks.
According to CoinMarketCap, our Bitcoin news is currently trading at $ 4,080 a day with an increase of 5,27%. The cause of this sudden rise in Bitcoin is not yet known. While celebrating a cut in social media, some investors suspect a whale has decided to stock up on BTC. Bitcoin’s market value increased by $ 71 billion. The positive weather in Bitcoin was also reflected in the overall market, and the market value of crypto coins rose to $ 138 billion, with the greening of altcoins.

The most noticeable increase is seen in Litecoin. Litecoin is currently trading at $ 39.46, an increase of over 11%. Litecoin increased by 10% to $ 8.68, followed by NEO. Crypto coins in the Top 100 have a daily average gain of 5%.

So, do the price increases mean that bulls are slowly preparing for jogging? Some of the analysts predict that the 2019 forecast is that the bulls will dominate the market. However, some analysts are making some more cautious predictions. We can give Willy Woo an example to these analysts. Woo believes the bear market will continue to exist for a while despite the volume boom. Woo’s comments about the market can be read from this news .

eToro’s senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, said: e It’s good to see Bitcoin over $ 4,000 again. But the big test is $ 5,000

Unexpected Bitcoin SV Decision from Crypto Money Exchange

Unexpected Bitcoin SV Decision from Crypto Money Exchange

The eToro stock exchange took a decision that Bitcoin SV supporters would not like.

EToro, the social trading platform, has announced that Bitcoin SV will pay the nominal amount of currency to its owners. We don’t have to support the forklifts,The announcement published in the official bloc of the exchange said.
According to the announcement, users will receive a $ 92 payment for each Bitcoin Cash (BCH) found in their accounts before the hard fork was completed last month (November 15). eToro team:

The price of each Bitcoin SV token is based on the price of the total Bitcoin Cash SVs available when we process the money.

The Bitcoin Cash ABC announced that it was not going to list the Bitcoin SV as a olmas dominant chain Borsa. That’s why the ABC chain is known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Most of the time, the BCH is supported by the major stock market, including eToro.

In the continuation of the announcement, it was explained that the stock market did not have to support lam forks buna, although the company management decided to fund BCH owners.

A mid-December reizu researcher and cyber security expert warned that Bitcoin SV was unprotected against double spending attacks. Reizu told Vimeo about the video and even overdubbed the SV network over and over again.

However, Craig Steven Wright, one of the first supporters of BSV, announced that the BSV network would be safe enough and protected against such attacks. He also said:

In less than 2 years, the BSV network will be able to handle up to 1000 times the sum of all ler Blockchains, in PayPal and others. The goal for two years is that the network reaches 1 to 2 million processing capacity per second.

eToro has added XRP to its platform

eToro has added XRP to its platform

eToro has added XRP to its platform but users are not satisfied eToro listed XRP.

Good news for the XRP community before the new year came from eToro, a broker company. eToro has said it will support the long-awaited XRP, but some users didn’t like eToro’s approach.
eToro also announced that XRP traders would be free of some transactions. For example, the XRP deposit made to eToro will be free of charge. The company’s description is as follows:

At least 133 XRP and above has been transferred to our platform. The eToro XRP wallet is currently running in countries where eToro is available.

The company also said that XRP transactions are only available to users who have made bank transfers. Recently, other ways of payment are also possible.

eToro has highlighted the advantages of platform users. It was stated that the licensee will provide a good experience for the users to be in compliance with the regulations and ease of operation. eToro touched upon the fact that it was one of the first companies in the world to receive licenses for crypto-value and announced the possibilities for new users:

The first 25 thousand users will have a free XRP wallet and won’t have to pay 45 XRP wallets. In countries where the wallet applies, the promotion will be valid until 31.1.2019.

The addition of XRP to the platform has echoed the social media. Some users did not like eToro’s approach. Tiffany Hayden. Hayden claimed that eToro does not own XRP and does not offer users the true XRP tokens. Another XRP supporter said that it is inappropriate to withdraw money from the bank deposit.

The Crypto Money Market Turns Green During the Anniversary of Bitcoin’s Historical Summit In 2017

The Crypto Money Market Turns Green During the Anniversary of Bitcoin’s Historical Summit In 2017

Bitcoin was able to record 20 times the record-breaking record and reached $ 19,343 on December 17, 2017.

On the anniversary of the day when Bitcoin reached the highest level of $ 20,000, the crypto money market was worth billions of dollars in minutes. The value of the crypto money market increased by $ 5 billion on monday and attracted the investors. Because this increase in value may indicate the beginning of a new upward trend.
I’ve had another weekend in which the crypto money market is ruthlessly testing the lowest levels of the year. The market capitalization of crypto coins in the morning of Monday rose from $ 104 billion to $ 107 billion in 20 minutes. The wave of ascension continued in the following hours. Market capitalization of crypto coins was $ 110.1 billion at the time of our news.

CoinMarketCap’da most of the top 10 crypto coins are on the rise. In recent weeks, the controversial crypto currency Bitcoin Cash is one of the crypto currencies that started the week with ascension. Bitcoin Cash rose 8.33% on a daily basis. Bitcoin Cash is followed by Stellar with 8.30% and Litecoin with 7.95%. EOS was the biggest upswing of the day. The EOS rose 21.29% to $ 2.36.

Bitcoin, which lost almost half in the last few months, recorded a 4.5% growth today. Ethereum and XRP recorded a growth of 5.39% and 5.53%, respectively. Last weekend, crypto money investors were worried that the total value of the crypto money market would fall below the $ 100 billion support level. But not expected. The value of the crypto money market fell below $ 100.5 billion on Saturday, but back on Sunday morning to $ 104 billion. Mark Greenspan, a senior analyst at eToro, said:

I was thinking that Bitcoin was going to push three thousand dollars back. It’s not clear what caused this fluctuation, but it’s a nice move.