Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook's rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Google decided to shut down most of the Google+ service that it had set up with the goal of becoming a rival to Facebook, as a result of a system vulnerability, when user information became unprotected for a certain period of time.

The company announced that the closure decision is related to the failure to reach user targets.

Google says that due to a recent open-air software system, Google+ users’ private information has become vulnerable to third-party access.

The company reports that 500,000 users are affected.

The Wall Street Journal, published in the United States, wrote that based on an internal correspondence, Google was aware of this situation in March but did not disclose it to the public.

In his statement, the company stated that the incident was not serious enough to require public disclosure.

Google announced the closure decision on the grounds that the platform did not reach enough users and could not allow the users enough interaction.

Facebook rival Google Plus shutting down

Google+ 2011. Facebook to be established but the project failed in the face of competing with Facebook.

There have been rumors that Google + will be closed for years. Google has now decided to terminate Google + for users.

However, Google announced that it will continue to offer Google+ services to companies using Google+.

So far, Google, who prefer not to share information about the use of Google, shutdown description, Google+ users have little use of the platform very little interaction, the average of only a few seconds of the users spent 90 percent of the application said.

Comment followed by Google’s rooftop company Alphabet fell 1.23%.