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Tron CEO Announces New Meeting with Buffet

The Tron CEO announced his need for help at the highly anticipated Buffet-Sun meeting… Justin Sun , CEO of Tron, said he would need the help of leaders in the entire crypto-money ecosystem for lunch with Warren Buffet . The CEO was able to arouse curiosity by announcing his announcement before announcing his meeting with […]

Tron CEO Talks About BTT

Tron CEO Justin Sun answered questions about Tron and BitTorrent. Tron CEO Justin Sun talked about BitTorrent and BTT token, and explained why BitTorrent was working with BTT instead of TRX . BitTorrent Token Sun attended an event where the followers would answer all their questions. Tron bought BitTorrent on June 24, 2018. On January […]

Justin Sun plans 2019 for TRON

What kind of plans does Justin Sun have for 2019? Although TRON (TRX), the founder of Justin Sun, has recently been described as ‘garbage’ by many crypto-money experts, including Stellar’s founder Jed McCaleb, the fact that he is one of the 10 biggest crypto money with market capitalization of about $ 1.5 billion. In 2017, […]

Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users

  In an interview, Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users. In an interview with Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun, he announced that they will integrate the zk-SNARKs feature in Zcash into the Tron and give the first quarter of 2019 the date. With the zk-SNARKs feature, Tron users will be […]