Roger Ver: Offered $ 1.25 million for Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver: Offered $ 1.25 million for Bitcoin Cash

One of the pioneers of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver, a project to offer $ 1.25 million for Bitcoin Cash appeared.

Roger Ver, one of the pioneers of Bitcoin Cash, is on the agenda again with bribes. In a video he posted on YouTube, Ver offered $ 1.25 million to include Bitcoin Cash in his OpenNode project, which aims to facilitate the direct acceptance of Bitcoin by companies .

OpenNode rejected Ver’s offer with an official Twitter account. Dolar We thank Roger Ver for his $ 1.25 million offer, but we have to turn it down. Our vision of a better and clearer financial system can only be possible with Bitcoin. Daha

Thanks for the $1.25MM offer @rogerkver, but we’re going to have to turn it down. Our vision of a better, more open financial system is only possible with Bitcoin. #bitcoin4everyday

Ver’s name was bribed in May. The Bitcoin Cash supporter requested a Hong Kong Stock Exchange official to send Bitcoin Cash to his Twitter followers to promote Bitcoin Cash to 9 million Weibo followers.

Ver is one of Bitcoin’s early investors. A few years ago, the young name of the millionaire, who was made a millionaire by investing in crypto money, was called Zaman Bitcoin Jesus .

The famous Billionaire Tim Draper supports the project
On the other hand, the OpenNode project is supported by the famous billionaire Tim Draper. Draper announced last week that it has invested $ 1.25 million in the project and announced that it will be possible to use Bitcoin in Starbucks and Amazon. In the meantime, Bitcoin will increase to 250 thousand dollars in 3-5 years Draper, which will be held on February 20 at Haliç Congress Center, is among the speakers of the Blockchain Summit Istanbul conference.

Shapeshift CEO: Roger Ver Makes a Great Contribution to Bitcoin

Shapeshift CEO: Roger Ver Makes a Great Contribution to Bitcoin

Eric Voorhees, CEO of the Crypto money exchange Shapeshift, shared his insights and insights on the crypto money markets in a podcast.

In the past 10 years, Voorhees said many crypto-money and Bitcoin-focused companies were closed, while the biggest example was Mt Gox, a leading crypto-money exchange of the period. Successful manager, this kind of closures are advanced due to the industry’s progress, he said it is no wonder.

Later, Shapeshift’s CEO answered the question of how to use Bitcoin and what to do about it. Although Ver is currently working for Bitcoin Cash, the successful name for the use of Bitcoin in various areas in time, and this is a serious contribution to the BTC said that the successful name, said:

The use of BTC was almost everyone’s dream of a taxi ride when paying in a restaurant. Of course, not everyone would make it possible. Roger Ver entered the circuit at this point. He did serious work and it was paid. Even though the period is hard, Roger Ver has taken a big job and took a serious risk. Obviously he was successful, and he managed to introduce Bitcoin to the world