End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin: Which Exchanges will be Listed?Telegram is the end of the ICO. And when will Telegram’s crypto currency GRAM be released?

The Telegram Open Network can go down in history as the world’s finest financed project. Last year, the social messaging application Telegram , including Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ‘ s already found that the private investor is developing a list GRAM selling tokens had obtained $ 1.7 billion.

90% Completed
According to the information we received from The Block , the Telegram Open Network ( TON ) project has come to an end. 90% of the project has been completed. The Telegram team announced that they have made significant progress of 20% since September of last year and will start a beta test in March this year with a two-month delay. Last year Telegram pointed to January 2019 for the beta version of the project.

Listed in Binance
According to The Block’s report, the Telegram team is currently working on listing GRAM token on Asia’s largest stock exchanges as soon as beta testing begins . The stock exchanges are estimated to be Binance, Huobi and OKEx . Telegram also has negotiations for cooperation with e-commerce sites are also among the information we have obtained.

The launch of the Telegram Open Network and GRAM token is awaited by developers, crypto money investors and Telegram users. Social messaging application Telegram ‘s 200 million users now mean that Gram token will have no trouble finding investors. In addition, GRAM Token realized one of the biggest IPOs in the history of crypto-money and raised $ 1.7 billion in its ICO.

The real question is, Telegram, dapper based Etherea I will struggle with how? If we consider the $ 1.7 billion fund that Telegram collects in the ICO, it is clear that Gram token will be in the eighth place in the Tron’s seat as soon as it is released. According to the CCN, Gram token’s main rival, CoinMarketCap, will be the fifth EOS.

Telegram’s new platform TON will be released soon

Telegram’s new platform TON will be released soon

There are new explanations about the platform where Telegram team has been working on for a long time.

According to Cointelegraph, the global messaging app Telegram announced that the Blockchain-based Telegram Open Network (TON) platform plans to launch its main network and token application in March 2019. This statement was made on January 23 by a source close to Telegram CEO Pavel Durav .

$ 1.7 billion
With over 200 million active users per month, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. The implementation last year organized two separate ICOs for both itself and the upcoming new platform TON . Edited this ICON ‘s were collected from a total of 1.7 billion dollars.

Delays may occur
Descriptions engaged in sourcing, Durov ‘s is reluctant to give exact dates may change the date stated and expressed as March.

Also known as the publication of the Russian business world, The Bell has published a separate report on the TON. According to this report, Durov’s team told investors that 90% of TON was ready. However , delays may be experienced due to the de innovative nature of development.

Again, according to this report, TON will serve as the new way of data shopping ” and the Telegram-specific crypto currency called “ gram will be used on the platform . You can reach our article about TON and Gram .

Telegram, investors and Iran
On the other hand, according to the statements made in May 2018, Telegram canceled the ICOs to be held in 2018 for its success in pre-sales.

In addition, Russian billionaire and football club Chelsea FC ‘s former owner Roman Abramovich ‘ in spite of rumors that he supported the project, many investors, including only found two investors made statements confirming this: Qiwi ‘s co-founder Sergei Solon’s and Wimmer-Bell-Dann ‘s co-founder David Yakobashvili .

Besides, Iran has been imposing various sanctions on Telegram since April 2018. After the announcement of the completion of 70 per cent of the TON last October, the Iranian government announced that it imposes new restrictions on messaging practice.

telegram crypto project

What is Telegram’s Crypto Money Project?

Telegram will complete its development at a longer time than expected.
Previously, Telegram’s Blockchain project Telegram Open Network was almost completed and 70% progress was made. However, a new report showed that the projected completion time is not applicable and the project will take longer to complete.

According to the new report, Telegram’s virtual machine is already on hold to run TVM smart contracts. However, some features of the network are also completed. It is said that the project has not been completed yet. Therefore, the incomplete part can give a better idea of ​​the progress of the project. The most important elements of the incomplete part are Block manipulation library and software related to approvals. On the other hand, developer resources have not yet been launched.

According to the expert opinion published with the last update, the project needs to be developed for at least six months to complete the project in full.

Telegram had collected $ 1.7 billion in private ICO sales. The ICO was only open to selected investors. Telegram is expected to issue a public ICO in the future. According to the comments of Bitmex CEO, in 2019 we can see that most of the Telegram ICO Tokens are listed on the stock exchange.

According to Telegram Open Network’s whitepaper, the platform will be a direct competitor to Ethereum. TON, which will offer smart contracts and decentralized applications, will try to have a place in this field.

The Russian government had waged a full war on Telegram. The government requested permission from Telegram to access the encrypted messages of users; The Telegram team rejected this request to protect the privacy of users. The Russian jurisdiction brought Telegram a ban on it.