Justin Sun,announced that he has partnered with one of the famous crypto money exchanges

Justin Sun,announced that he has partnered with one of the famous crypto money exchanges

Which Stock Exchange Has Tron Affiliated With? Under the leadership of Justin Sun, Tron announced that he has partnered with one of the famous crypto money exchanges.

The crypto money exchange ABCC announced today that it has partnered with Tron (TRX), now the ninth largest crypto currency, with a tweet that it shared yesterday. Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun confirmed this statement.
According to the statement, the EUCC stock exchange was the first crypto money exchange to list Tron’s token of TRC10 technical standards.

The stock market recently announced that it is in the process of supporting tokens based on TRC10 and TRC20 standards. The announcement of the partnership came after a very short time.

On the other hand, in Tron’s guide for developers, the TRC10 is defined as the technical standard for tokens supported by their own Blockchain of crypto money, but without Tron Virtual Machine support. On the other hand, TRC20 is described as a technical standard for the tokens with Tron Virtual Machine support. The TRC20 token is also fully compatible with the Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens.

In December 2018, Tron CEO Justin Sun announced that it would form a fund for Ethereum and EOS developers. Sun stated that the purpose of this fund would be to prevent the collapse of the platforms.

Tron, who bought BitTorrent in July 2018, announced in early January that he had used his own protocol for the “BTT” , a crypto to be used on the BitTorrent platform. Soon, Simon Morris, former general manager of BitTorrent, argued that Tron would not be able to handle the transaction volume needed to tokenize the torrent client .

At the time of writing, Tron Coinmarketcap is ranked as the ninth largest crypto currency with $ 1.63 billion, and is trading at $ 0.03

Simon says “Impossible transaction volume for TRON”

Simon says “Impossible transaction volume for TRON”

Simon Morris, former chief strategist for BitTorrent, said that it was impossible for Tron to manage the transaction volume that would enable BitTorrent to be achieved and called Tron ‘marketing machine’.

In a previous day interview with Blockchain’s news site BreakerMag, former Chief Strategy Officer of BitTorrent , Simon Morris, Tron said he would not be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenit BitTorrent.

He also said that while working with BitTrorent, he and his team realized that tokenization of work on the platform would increase the speed of the network by up to 40%.

According to Morris, it is impossible for Tron to handle the transaction volume required by such a system. Morris noted that there was a need for hundreds of processes per second, just to get started.

There is a need for 10,000 operations per second for a seat system. Tron can’t afford that. It’s all bullshit.

Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, said he was a very good marketer but technically very insufficient. He called Tron ‘marketing machine.

Morris had left BitTorrent after concluding that in July of last year he was unable to establish a credible relationship with Tron executives. Morris also contradicted Justin Sun in claiming that Tron’s codes and white paper were stolen.

Justin Sun made the following statement:

”We agreed that there was no such thing and we continued on our way.“

According to BreakerMag, Morris suspects that Tron will be managing a BitTorrent transaction from a central server and that it will be as if Tron-based is working. In addition, Morris expects BitTorrent to increase productivity, but does not expect this system to be Tron-based.

A Tron spokesman told Cointelegraph:

Since Morris has left BitTorrent, it seems to have little knowledge of BitTorrent’s operational plans. The actions we will make will make the old employee’s words irrelevant.

TRON is the 8th largest crypto money – 5 reasons for Ascension

TRON is the 8th largest crypto money – 5 reasons for Ascension

TRON (TRX), the founder of Justin Sun, has become one of the top 8 crypto money, surpassing $ 2 billion in its ongoing rise.

Crypto money markets have been following the nistepen for a few weeks. Only a few crypto-currencies have achieved enough gains to increase the CoinMarketCap ranking according to market capitalization, and the TRON, which has passed the $ 2 billion barrier, is one of them.

TRON (TRX) is currently the best-performing crypto currency among the top 100 crypto currencies. TRON, which gained about 25 percent during the day before experiencing some retreat, became one of the top 8 crypto currencies.

TRON exceeding $ 0.034 with an increase of approximately 25 percent. On the other hand, since May 2018, crypto money has been at the highest level on the BTC basis with 764 sats.

Justin Sun, who uses social media in marketing the TRON which he is the founder, again did not miss the opportunity and pointed to the rise of TRON with his tweet “Who is next?”

What’s behind the ascension?
The factors behind the rise of TRON can be listed as follows:

-Project Atlas’s progress
-BitTorrent’s BTT token launch
-OKEx opens margin operations for TRX
-TRON starts playing at the peak in the use of decentralized applications -Establishment of the former
SEC audit attorney in TRON as compliance director

Fast Input to Tron 2019

Fast Input to Tron 2019

For Tron, which released its weekly decentralized application report, 2019 started extremely well.

In May 2018, Tron left the Ethereum Blockchain and moved to its main network. These include applications that have moved from Ethereum to Tron.
According to Tron’s latest weekly decentralized application report, there are 83 decentralized applications running on the Tron network. These applications have over 1 million users in total. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron shared the following statements in his Twitter account:

As of December 24 (2018), the total number of accounts in the Tron global network exceeded 1 million. Until the last day of 2018, the number of decentralized applications in Tron has reached 83 and we have successfully completed the year.

Only 20 new decentralized applications were added to the Tron network during the first week of the new year, and Tron entered the 2019 quickly.

Centerless applications added to Tron
TRONTRADE application developed by BitGuild was added to Tron last week. TRONTRADE is listed as the 4th decentralized stock exchange in the Tron network. At the moment, only one ANTE transaction pair is traded on the stock exchange and the trading volume of the stock has already reached 8 million TRX.

Perhaps the most interesting of the decentralized applications added to Tron is Fomo Sports. Users of the application that makes predictions for real sports events can participate in the lottery pools. No human intervention is required for the application to be completely decentralized, and all rules of the application are written with open code.

Tron Red Envelope and 12HourTeam are other important decentralized applications added to the Tron platform this week.

Nigel Green: Universities will be key investors of crypto coins

Nigel Green: Universities will be key investors of crypto coins

Nigel Green, CEO of the consulting company deVere Group, said that in 2019, prestigious universities would become important crypto money investors.

The crypto money market continues its path with slight increases. Bitcoin , the number one crypto money , has been trading at $ 3,831, an increase of about $ 100 since yesterday. Market capitalization is $ 133 billion, while TRON is one of the largest cryptocurrencies , rising above 8 percent. In the first 100 percent, there are increases of 10 to 60 percent in some crypto coins.

Nigel Green, the founder and CEO of UK-based consulting firm deVere Group, said that the outlook for digital assets was set to rise in 2019, along with the growing interest of the corporate sector.

I believe the bearish sentiment in the last quarter of 2018 is now behind us, Green Green said. We can expect the current uptrend to continue with the summits and potholes as in any financial market. In 2019, the crypto money market was set to evolve radically. We can think that the sector will expand considerably due to the entry of institutional investors.

Green predicts that prestigious universities will become important investors in cryptocurrencies in 2019 with their donation funds.

Justin Sun plans 2019 for TRON

Justin Sun plans 2019 for TRON

What kind of plans does Justin Sun have for 2019?

Although TRON (TRX), the founder of Justin Sun, has recently been described as ‘garbage’ by many crypto-money experts, including Stellar’s founder Jed McCaleb, the fact that he is one of the 10 biggest crypto money with market capitalization of about $ 1.5 billion.

In 2017, the TRX rose 250 times last year to $ 0.001, up to $ 0.25. Crypto money today buys $ 0.021. According to the level in 2017, it is still 20 times worth.

Founder Justin Sun and TRON project use social media in a very effective way. Sun has reached about 700,000 followers on his personal Twitter account, making him one of the most influential in the crypto-money ecosystem. TRON Foundation’s official Twitter account exceeds 350,000 followers. The effective use of social media has been instrumental in building a successful community.

In 2018, Sun completed many of its goals for TRON. Compared to Ethereum in 2018, TRON has reached more transactions compared to EOS. In addition, the number of TRON users exceeded 1 million. Over the first 60 days of the launch of the TRON virtual machine, more than 80 decentralized applications were created and TRON became one of the top 10 crypto currencies.

Sun now has serious goals for TRON in 2019 and is expected to achieve these goals.

Some of them are:

– To make
TRON one of the first 4 crypts – to turn TRON into a larger ecosystem than Ethereum
– to bring 100 million users of BitTorrent to Blockchain
– to make TRON the largest centerless ecosystem

Whether Sun meets these goals with TRON will largely depend on the market situation. If 2019 is in spring weather for Bitcoin, the project will have a higher chance of achieving goals.

Stellar’s founder talks about TRON: a complete garbage

Stellar’s founder talks about TRON: a complete garbage

Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar (XLM), spoke of the TRON (TRX) project, which was founded by Justin Sun, as a ‘complete rubbish’

Stellar, Ripple, Mt. Jed McCaleb , co-founder of Gox and e-Donkey , referred to Tron as a ‘complete trash’.

McCaleb, who created Stellar from Ripple because of personal differences with Ripple’s board of directors, says the crypto money market is getting better.

Stellar , the founder of Stellar , told Yahoo Finance that 90 per cent of crypto-money projects consisted of nons,I look forward to the change. For example, the TRON project, such as a garbage literally, “he said. McCaleb, however, did not say anything about why TRON was a ‘rubbish project’.

When McCaleb and others thought that the company’s mission was too far away from the vision of a peer-to-peer payment system, Ripple left Laps to develop Stellar. McCaleb, the founder of Stellar, was later sued by Ripple for selling the Ripple and causing the price to fall.

Stellar’s block chain realized 1024 transactions on 30 December. In Ripple, this figure was 396,354. In the same time period, TRON performed 2,845,490 transactions and Bitcoin 267,463.

The XLM, which is traded at about $ 1 at the summit, is currently changing $ 0.11. Digital money is the sixth digital currency with a market value of $ 2.2 billion.

A Record from Tron!

A Record from Tron!

The centerless gaming application TronBet approached 1 billion TRX in 24-hour volume.
The centerless application ecosystem in Tron Blockchain officially has its golden age, and TronBet TRX has raised the bar too high in transaction volume.

DappReview quoted Twitter that TronBet reached almost 1 billion TRX trading volume in 24 hours. Thus, TronBet left behind its opponent TronDice, which is another decentralized application of 10.7 million transactions. DappReview’s tweet as follows:

A great threshold for TRONbet! TRX volume of almost 1 billion in the last 24 hours and 13 million TRX dividends in one day, you will get 10k TRX every day if you have 18k.

When we look at the list of Tron decentralized applications, we see that TronBet is ranked 2nd in terms of number of users. However, the transaction volume difference between the two applications is incredible.

The 24-hour volume of TronDice with 2,211 users is 10,791,247 TRX. TronBet with 2195 has a daily volume of 993.909.578 TRX.

Is Tron the new decentralized practice king?
Due to Tron’s scalability and number of operations per second, some games like Blockchain Cuties and Bitzens in Ethereum have recently moved to Tron. This development further increased Tron’s already high self-esteem, and Justin Sun said:

If ETH and EOS developers bring their decentralized applications to Tron, Tron will create a fund that will save them from the collapse of their platform.

Some praised this tweet and some took it. A group of mid-passengers stated that such a statement would lead to divergence in the crypto-money community.

Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users

Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users


In an interview, Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users.

In an interview with Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun, he announced that they will integrate the zk-SNARKs feature in Zcash into the Tron and give the first quarter of 2019 the date. With the zk-SNARKs feature, Tron users will be anonymous and have a great privacy option.

Justin Sun said that social media platforms and search engines earn money on user data and that users of these platforms think it is a privacy violation.

People don’t want their privacy to be stored by Facebook or Google because these data can be easily manipulated and ads can be placed in front of people. You don’t want to share your data with them. That’s why I think the decentralized method is a good way to achieve this (and limit the amount of information sharing).

In the first quarter (2019), we will integrate zk-SNARKs into our network. This way we can increase privacy across the network. If you want these confidential transactions and confidential addresses, we can guarantee that they will not be able to see you and that the transaction cannot be tracked.

zk-SNARKs is a new form of zero-knowledge cryptography. First of all, the secrets of secrecy, popularized by the privacy-oriented Zcash, are currently being used in different crypto-money projects.

With this feature coming to Tron, there will be some interesting changes. For example, users can ‘override’ transactions, ie encrypt transactions. If the feature runs smoothly, TRX users will be able to store information such as the amount of the transaction, sender and receiver.

Justin Sun emphasizes that this feature will be the choice:

We offer a different solution and you can choose something different depending on your preference (whether or not to use zk-SNARKs).

TRON’s founder Justin Sun: Let’s talk again after two years

TRON’s founder Justin Sun: Let’s talk again after two years

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON, does not mind the decline in the crypto money market and continues to remind its followers that the use and transaction volumes of dApps are increasing.

Justin Sun , the founding CEO of TRON , approached the decline from last night to a different perspective and reminded TRX owners on Twitter that the use of dApp and the transaction volume on the block chain is increasing.

Sun acknowledged the massacre that struck the crypto-money market and urged his followers to remember that nothing had changed. Sun, tweet on the subject, said:

on today’s slaughter, we must remember that nothing has changed. Blockchain, Bitcoin and dApps will shape the future. TRON will decentralize the Internet. Look at TRON’s 6-month data, we have never seen such an extraordinary increase. Please check again after 2 years. 

Although the crypto market has already done so in 2 years, it is open to debate whether it will return to its old shimmering days.

Sun, which does not care about slaughter, seems to continue to focus on the use of dApp in the TRON block chain and the increase in transaction volume.

According to the data received from CoinMarketCap, TRX is currently sold and sold at $ 0.0125. Crypto money, which has a market value of $ 825 million, is the 11th among the largest crypto coins.