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Telegram’s Gram Token Sale ‘Illegal’

One of the world’s most popular messaging applications, Telegram collected a record $ 1.7 billion in ICO last year.

Although many names claim that Telegram’s TON network and Gram token projects are ‘too exaggerated to be true’, Telegram launched its beta network in recent months and committed to entering the market by 2019.

Sale of Gram Tokens Illegal
Liquid is a crypto-currency market in recent days, as well as that of the late Gram Asian institutions will form a partnership with the unofficial start selling tokens Gram way the news was on the agenda. Speaking to the Cointelegraph, a Telegram official made very critical statements about the issue and stressed that there was no connection between Liquid and Telegram.

In addition, one of the Telegram investors stated that no one has the authority to sell the tokens before the official release date and this is emphasized in the contract signed by all investors. According to the agreement signed before the purchase of GRAM tokens, the tokens cannot be sold until 18 months after the TON release date and this period is called a ”limited period..

The crypto currency, Liquid, signed a partnership with Gram Asia, which holds the most GRAM token in the Asian region, and announced that a limited number of GRAMs will be sold on July 10, and that there will be open sales for every investor on an unspecified date from now on. Of course, after these announcements, it became a matter of curiosity on how to sell token.