Thailand-based stock market managed to raise $ 10 million in the STO

Bear Market? This STO has collected 10 Million Dollars!

The whole month was dominated by a bearish trend, while a Thailand-based stock market managed to raise $ 10 million in the STO.

The crypto money market, which reached a record level at the end of last year, was affected by the bearish trend throughout 2018. ICOs, which attracted much attention in the previous year, have become less popular and the prices of crypto money have also declined considerably. At this stage, a securities tokens sale (STO), organized by a Thailand-based crypto money exchange, raised exactly $ 9.9 million from users.

An Asian-based press agency reported that an agency called Nikkei Asian Review reported that Satang Corp. the crypto money exchange held a STO. Approximately 10 million dollars in this sale that does not concern the impact of the bear market has attracted the attention of crypto lovers.

As the crypto money market continues to depreciate throughout the world, Satang plans to collect funds from users. He said he would use the funds he collected through the Exchange STO to build a proprietary electronic wallet application. The Satang Stock Exchange will allow users to buy crypto money more easily by using nominal currencies. Moreover, the plans of the stock market include establishing a center of experience for the busy tourist regions of the country.

The STOs are a new fundraising method designed to help companies operating in the crypto-money sector avoid regulatory barriers in their countries. In the past we gave our valuable readers information about this issue . This method, which is seen as the continuation of ICOs, will be used frequently in the future .

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