The Binance donated all listing fees to the Flood Disaster in Japan

Recently, the terrible flood disaster in the South West region of Japan, 8 million people left their homes and 225 people were killed. According to the CoinMarketCap data, Binance, the world’s largest crypto money exchange, has extended its support to the victims with the Binance BlockchainCharity Foundation, which has recently donated all listing fees. The foundation donated 169.85 ETH with 63.03 BTC for 56.7 million JPY for aid to the West Japan region. Binance recently announced in the announcement of the money transferred to the foundation with the list prices had passed 400,000 dollars.

According to local news sources, the foundation contacted government agencies with local civil defense organizations to reach the masses. Due to the need for immediate assistance to the victims, Binance immediately transferred to 61.09 BTC, which is now worth about 50 million JPY. The name of the transfer is Miss Bitcoin Mai, a local supporter. Mai then transferred the funds to his own Bitcoin account and directed them to the relevant institutions as nominal currencies.

The foundation then made the second aid move and opened a special crypto money account for the victims and their family, and posted a total of 169.85 ETH, approximately 5.3 million JPY.

Binance and Ripple, especially in recent days to increase the donations, to help both humanity and their name for the purpose of this type of activities are often seen very often.

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