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The Economist Magazine’s 30 Years Previous Forecast Is Real With Bitcoin?

In the 9 January issue of the world-famous The Economist magazine, was the cover photo with the theme of Get Ready for One World Money pointing to Bitcoin?
Get Ready for the Phoenix, published in The Economist in 1988, pointed out that in 2018, one world money could come.

The article outlines the advantages of a single currency for countries globally, but also how difficult it may be from a technical point of view. But the noteworthy event, the cover photo of the date of 2018 to be given and ın Get Ready for One World Money Hazır header .. Well, this currency can be Bitcoin? It’s hard to say clearly; However, the new year special covers of the Economist magazine are full of predictions. The world’s economic and political events, terror activities, religions, wars and secret organizations, images and images on many issues are published. Most of these predictions are surprising people by the year. Here is the real thought-provoking point right here, I wonder if a plan from decades ago can be tried to be implemented with Bitcoin? Although it is hard to say yes to this, the first future currency in this matter is undoubtedly Bitcoin.

With the technology of 30 years ago, it could be hard to imagine Bitcoin, so the assets expressed in the article are the traditional way and the units of money printed by central banks. Phoenix, also known as a mythological bird, is also known as the symbol of immortality. Financial linkage with Phoenix is a bit of a challenge, so I’m just explaining this side.

Crypto money enthusiasts think that Phoenix’s Bitcoin is a righteous thought structure due to the increasing interest and value that has recently grown. On the other hand, it may be necessary to take Amero into account for the North American Continent. Ameron; The Canadian dollar is a theoretical currency that is expected to replace the USD and the Mexican peso. It can be said that the European Union is similar to the Euro. The number of academics and experts who think that such a currency will emerge in the near future is not to be underestimated; but there is no official announcement. Can the US say goodbye to the USD in the coming years and make such a currency? I think it’s a matter of long-term dependence on country interests. On the other hand, the US holds the power to impose such a currency globally. He can do dozens of times what he’s doing for the US In addition, US Finance Minister Timothy Geithner; In 2009, he signaled that a single currency could be managed by the IMF. Looking at the event in this way, it is possible that Phoenix will be Amero.

Hundreds of articles have been written on this subject and many reports have been made. In general, it would be a way for any country to adopt a single official currency over countries, for technical and economic reasons. In fact, it is an important issue that can cause global wars.

We live in a period where the people are producing their own money. Developing technology now gives us this opportunity. Today, everyone can easily print their own currency (with Ethereum Blockchain, etc.) and work on it. We see that the issue of withdrawing money gradually falls from the sovereignty of countries. The market value of crypto coins continues to increase exponentially every year. Crypto money markets are expected to reach $ trillion dollars in a few years as well as a small country economy with a value exceeding $ 120 billion today. Because Bitcoin and crypto coins that move with the philosophy of be your own bank reach more and more people with their decentralized and libertarian structures.

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