The Electricity Consumed by Bitcoin Reaches Dimensions to Frighten Scientists

Bitcoin is a trading tool that needs electricity to continue its existence and stay functional. 
Speaking of electricity, it’s not like that. That’s the problem anyway.
We all know that electricity should be used to make bitcoin mining. This can lead to the end of the world according to scientists.

According to research by scientists from the University of Hawaii, digital money consumes very high energy. In fact, this popularization will continue to cause the world to warm up to two degrees in 2048.

The final negative report on Bitcoin’s efficiency is this, but it’s definitely not the first. Previously, it was claimed that a single Bitcoin transfer resulted in the consumption of a house as much as a week’s electricity consumption. Grot’ta environmental publications, Bitcoin’in, efforts to move away from fossil fuels, he said. 

Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto money that has been accused of lately. Many people had problems due to hackers using malicious software for mines. Bitcoin’s problem is that it is very popular.

Bitcoin, which consumes a lot of electricity and consumes a lot of energy even for small amounts, is not the cause of the apocalypse, but it will be used more as its popularity increases. Therefore, consumption will increase exponentially. Increased consumption will be the reason for more than two degrees of warming by 2048.

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