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The Marshall Islands national crypto money embodies SOV!

According to Btcmanager, the Marshall Islands continue to take firm steps for national crypto money SOV . A press release was published on January 28th.

A First In The World
According to the statement, Tangem, a company that manufactures Blockchain based smart cards , will print the physical banknotes of Sovereign (SOV) , the world’s first decentralized digital national currency A part of the description provides the following information:

The SOV will be the national currency of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) together with the US dollar.

SOV, which will benefit from the advantages of Blockchain technology , will allow rapid, inexpensive and global value change without any risk factors .

In order for all Marshall Islands citizens to have equal rights in digital money, Tangem began to work with SOV-responsible institutions. Because SOV is offline, citizens who do not have access to the Internet will not have any problems in moving their digital assets.

Tangem Banknotes
By taking advantage of the advantages of SOV Blockchain , it will allow you to approve the transaction immediately and without any cost. At the same time, Tangem’s banknotes will minimize the burden of technical infrastructure on the Marshall Islands . Because banknotes facilitate the physical circulation of SOVs out of chain among all SOV owners .

According to the press release, each Tangem card will be in the form of a unique banknote . The cards will have a microprocessor reinforced with Blockchain , so paper banknotes will be combined with Blockchain security. In addition, all digital banknotes will be 100% decentralized and transparent and will represent a şeffaf controllable mechanism of money printing and circulation on behalf of the state.

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