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The NSA that created Bitcoin? Here are four reasons to believe

There are many theories about who the unidentified creator of Bitcoin was. Some think the NSA is behind this, and there are four main reasons to believe it.

Who is the creator of Bitcoin ?

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto , who wrote Bitcoin’s whitepaper , was never identified. Since 2009 there have been many theories about who created Bitcoin. Some even believe that the Bitcoin was formed in 1952 by the NSA (US National Security Agency).

1) Certainly they created a part
SHA-256 is a cryptographic summarization algorithm that is an essential part of Bitcoin’s architecture. Also, it is the hash function algorithm of NSA which was first published in 2001 .

The SHA-256 is a series of instructions designed by the NSA, which tells the computer to follow the mathematical steps with each input, and then arranges it as a sequence of information of any size.

What these mathematical steps do with each input is to compress that input to a 256-bit output called hash. The other will encrypt it. The mathematical operations in these steps and the values used as processors cannot be reversed, ie the input cannot be used.

Thus, hash can be used as fingerprint for the original data because it is impossible to predict what the output will be for any value before running with SHA-256.

And the resulting hash appears completely random, but this is the result of a deterministic process that gives the same hash for each input at a time.

Thus, SHA-256 is a cryptographic one-way compression function.

This special hash algorithm is an essential part of how Bitcoin works, as described above by Antonopoulos.

2) Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence 2

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Ancestry
It may be a giant coincidence, but it is not possible. Unquestionably, whoever created Bitcoin used the nickname of “Central Intelligence i in Japanese as a pseudonym.

Of course, this is not proof that the CIA has created Bitcoin.

It could be the NSA behind it, and the CIA wanted to make a joke using the Japanese equivalent, or the target might be surprised.

It is also possible for programmers who are not related to deep state.

3) How does a crypto money benefit the deep state?
The deep state would want a crypto currency to exist. As Bitcoin critics say, Bitcoin is the perfect thing for organizations with covert operations.

Crypto money is a way for the deep state to have a financial infrastructure that is notable except for corporate finance in Wall Street or in banks around the world.

If there was such a thing as crypto money, the deep state would probably have had it. In 1986, some members of the US government sold weapons to Iran, and the revenue from it was illegally used to support anti-communist conquests in Nicaragua, which attempted to overthrow the leftist rule of the period. With the emergence of this incident, the US was shaken. Probably at that time, crypto coins could do this without hearing anyone’s soul.

4) Former US prosecutor explains how BTC helped the FBI catch criminals
Crypto money makes it easier for the deep state to hide what it does, making it easier for criminals to watch what they are doing.

In this video, what is told about cybercrime is so fascinating that it can be the subject of a fictional film. A former US Department of Justice cybercrime prosecutor explains how the transaction and account records in the Bitcoin block chain are useful for the deep state in finding criminals.

Bitcoin is not personal and completely transparent. Each account, each amount and each transaction is saved to a giant image document.

The account information on the Bitcoin block chain is not hidden behind a password that only a trusted corporate investor has. The deep state, who has always been keen on watch, has already messed up and messed up the mess, whether or not it created a crypto money.

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